Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mom is the BEST!

Happy Mother's Day to a great Mom, Grandma, confidant, and BEST GIRLFRIEND! I love you so much and so does Mais! We are so glad we could share this day with you!

A few pictures of my wonderful mom!

We had a GREAT pre-Mother's day day today! We got massages this morning and then went shopping all day long! We attended Keizer's Junior Miss pageant tonight. It was so much fun and one of our friends ending up winning it all! YAY! That means we get to go to state in August! I can't wait. After Junior Miss we opened our Mother's Day presents because my brother won't be home tomorrow. Shaun gave me a new digital thermometer! I was so glad because everytime I thought Maisey had a temperature I couldn't ever get an acurate reading because our thermometer was horrible! This one is great! I went around and took everyone's temperatures! (Don't worry... it was ear style!) Maisey gave me some Dr. Pepper Otter Pops! I put them in the freezer and can't wait to try them tomorrow. I love Dr. Pepper and I love Otter Pops, so they must be great together, right? Anyway, today was great and I am looking forward to tomorrow when Shaun bbq's us up some yummy steaks! Being a mom is great!!!!!!!!
In a tribute to Katelyn and Kelsey's days of Junior Miss... here is a great picture!

I wish all of the mothers out there a happy Mother's Day!


Emily said...

Ok, random. Hi Emily. I was just on Karl and Leslie's blog (Karl is my cousin) and I happened to click on your link and who should appear, but Emily Olsen and her mom! Wow! I'm not sure if you remember me, but you were one of the very first babies I can remember holding as an eight year old back in the good ole Keizer ward. You look beautiful and your family is beautiful. Give a big hello to your family for me (especially Christina and your mom!) Hope all is well.

Emily H. Mc.

Monica said...

It looks like you guys are having a blast. About the car... it is an old kind of junker for Justin to drive back and forth to school. Nothing too special.