Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hawaiian Surprise

So, yesterday was my little sister's birthdays. We knew that Kelsey was coming home for the long weekend and her birthday, but we didn't know that Katelyn was coming all the way from Hawaii too. So we woke up Saturday morning to her sleeping on our couch in the living room! How fun! We shopped for like 7 hours on Saturday then had a bbq and played lots of games! It was so fun to have them home this weekend!
Katelyn brought a drum home for Maisey! She caught on very quickly and is a great music maker!
So, a while back, Kelsey bought me this book that has all of these really cool cakes in it. I think I blogged about it in February. But I made Maisey's 6th month birthday cake from that book. So I picked out this flower cake to make for the girls. It tasted so good and it turned out totally cute!

The girls blowing out their 19 candles!

I made them scrapbooks for their birthday presents. Katelyn's is for her semester in Hawaii. Kelsey's is for her semester in Jerusalem that she leaves for in a few weeks!

All of the girlies that were home this weekend! We missed Christina and Shayla!

So, after the girls opened their gifts, Shaun was trying to get Maisey to crawl. He was crawling all around the house. Maisey thought it was so funny to hold on the the back of him and walk behind him as he crawled. She was giggling so hard! She has been army crawling alot lately. She loves to go for the cell phones, the wallets, or the remotes. She also loves to walk while holding on to our fingers. She is getting really strong in her legs!

I LOVE this picture! We finally had the perfect opportunity to paint her toenails after trying for 2 days. I stuck it in the diaper bag so that when she fell asleep in the car we could do it! Sure enough she fell asleep! I can't wait to do more girly things with her!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a surprise. I can't believe the girls are that old! They were so young when Jon and I got married, but I guess that's been 10 years. It sounds like they are having a lot of fun traveling. The cake turned out really cute. You have such fun ideas. (I love the toe nails!!!)
Have a great day!

DaNae said...

The cake is totally cute! Nice job. Doing girly things is one of the best parts of being a mom!

David & Wendy Pendergrass said...

I'm pretty jealous of your sweet mom skills! I have always wanted to make cool cakes (yours was gorgeous) and if you want a laugh you should see the cake I made for David on his Birthday last week. It looked so bad I don't think anyone wanted to eat it. And the scrapbooks...when do you find the time woman! What great gifts. And then there is the toenail painting, which is just a remarkable feat i would never even attempt. Way to go!

Janel said...

so glad that you guy's weekend was fun your picture with all the girls is great you all look so cute and that cake is great! See you guys this weekend!

Monica said...

What a fun weekend. I loved the cake and of course, the scrapbooks. Awesome!