Monday, August 4, 2008

August = The Birthday Month

Shaun's Dad's birthday was yesterday, and Maisey's birthday is next week! So we headed up to Spokane for the weekend to celebrate! It was a short weekend, but we were able to do some fun things.

On Saturday afternoon, we went boating. This was Maisey's first time on a boat. I was even brave enough to put her on a tube with me for her first tube ride. She didn't like when it got bumpy, so we stopped pretty quickly, but she did enjoy riding on the boat which put her to sleep! Her life jacket was a bit snug, so eventually we had to undo the top strap! But we had a great afternoon!

The Fam
Mais and Mommy on the tube!
The Fam again!
Mais and Mommy again!
" Thanks Grandpa, for my first boat trip!"

When we got back from boating, we had a nice BBQ with some yummy steaks. I made an ice cream cake for Maisey's birthday. We let Mais dive into a piece, but she wasn't in a very good mood because it was way past her bed time!
Yummy & Messy!

Happy Birthday Grandpa! You look exhausted!

Mais opened a few gifts from the fam! Shaun's family gave her lots of stuffed animals and a book! Mommy and Daddy gave her a baby Elmo that she LOVES, and some other fun Elmo things! She is totally into Elmo right now!

On Sunday, she enjoyed everyone's attention as she swung!

Maisey is really going to miss her Uncle Ryan in a few weeks!

On our way home Sunday evening, I dropped Shaun off at the Portland airport so he could fly to Seattle! It broke my heart to hear my little baby crying for her daddy after he left for the 6th week in a row. She really misses him and loves him so much!

My birthday is on Wednesday, so I am going to drive up to Seattle to spend a couple of days with Shaun! I am really looking forward to relaxing, shopping, eating, and sleeping! My mom is going to keep Mais for me! :) Thanks Mom!!!

Happy Birthday to anyone else who has a birthday in August!


The Daines said...

Happy Birthday!

DaNae said...

Dang, I seriously can't believe that Mais is 1 already. You will have soooo much fun baby free in Seattle! Happy bday girl.

The Dixie Six said...

Happy Birthday Emily and Maisey! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I love the picture of the three of you with Maisey in the life jacket. Way Cute! Have a great time in Seattle!

Monica said...

Wow, what a busy month for you guys! Happy Birthday, and we miss seeing you guys!

Randena Michelle said...

Did you go boating at Couer D'alene? it's sooo beautiful there. Happy Birthday!