Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby Steps

Mais took her first steps last night! She took 4 from my mom to Shaun. And guess what? I totally missed it because I was coloring some stuff for my mom. But she has done it a couple more times!
We just got back from our trip to Utah and are spending some time with Janel, who came to visit. On Thursday of next week, Janel, Maisey and I are headed up to Seattle to meet Shaun and watch a Mariners/Yankees game, and then the U of W play BYU in football. This has been a busy summer!


Chantel said...

Yay! That IS big news!! How fun for you guys! Your little Maisey is such a doll. :)

Good luck on your trip this week! We are traveling to WA on Thursday as well...only we are going to Spokane. Josh's sister is getting married. Have fun!

Tim said...

That is sooo awesome! Tori is still working on walking on our hands... She is barely starting to take individual re-balancing steps.

Anyways, Congrats Maisey!

Btw. It was great to see you all in Provo...