Monday, August 18, 2008

Great News

My sister, Kelsey, made it home from Jerusalem Thursday night. Maisey got to stay up past her bed time to go to the airport to pick her up! We are so glad that she made it back safely!!!

3 years and 1 baby later... I still fit into my wedding dress. Happy Anniversary Shaun! I love you!!! So... there is a story about this. My mom really wanted my sisters to try on my mom's dress, my older sister's dress, and my dress. So we had a fun fashion show with the girls, and then I wondered if I could still fit into it! It was a great self-esteem booster to know that I can! Maybe I should try it on more often!!! This is what girls do for fun when there are NO boys around!!! :)

Today was my LAST day babysitting. I was only doing Monday's this month, but we will be gone next Monday, so today was my last day!!! Mais is going to miss her friends coming over to play.

We are seriously house hunting right now. We have until October 1st to close on a house so we can take advantage of some first-time home buyer programs. I am pretty stressed, especially with Shaun being in Seattle and I am leaving in a few days for a whole week!!!!!!!! Wish us luck!!!


Chantel said...

I love the wedding dress pic! What a good idea! :) I may just do that next week on our anniversary. Happy 3 year!!! Can you believe it has already been 3 whole years? We just went to CO for Josh's sister's wedding and I was thinking "wow life has moved so quickly since we did this!" We saw Janel there and told her to tell you guys hi. :)

I was going to say that I can totally relate to the frantic house hunting! We had the same time frame to find a house last year, and moved in to our home ON oct 1st! It is quite an exciting ride searching for your first home! Good luck with everything!

Steve and Meredith said...

Good luck with the house hunting- it can be stressful but totally worth it! But I'm glad to hear that things are going well with you guys!