Monday, September 22, 2008

CTR Elmo

Mais is totally going through the Elmo stage right now. Last week my mom and I went to the grocery store. Mais was just riding along in the shopping cart until she spotted an Elmo balloon. She started pointing and going, "oooooohhhhhhh, oooooohhhhhh" very LOUDLY! So a few days later I took her to Toys R' Us with me because I had to get my cousin's little boy a birthday present for his party last weekend. I purposely avoided the Sesame Street aisle so we didn't have a repeat scene from the grocery store a few days earlier. But towards the front of the store, Maisey saw an Elmo pinata way up on the very top of one of the shelves. And there she went again, "ooooohhhhhh, ooooohhhhhh" even louder, if that's possible. So I divert her attention with an Elmo greeting card because I can pay for that if she ends up ruining it and it kept her quiet for a while. Since she was being so good I decided to go look through the clothes section. Once again, somehow she spotted a whole rack of Elmo clothes. "ooooohhhhh, oooohhhhh" translated to "Mommy, I NEED one." We ended up leaving Toys R' Us with an Elmo outfit, an Elmo Halloween costume, and an Elmo trick-or-treating candy bucket, oh yeah, and a birthday gift for Alex.

So I know that none of that actually had to do with a CTR Elmo, but I just wanted you to know how OBSESSED she is with Elmo.

So to the CTR Elmo:

Tonight for FHE, my mom, and Mais, and I went to an LDS bookstore in Salem called Brass Plates. They are going out of business and so everything is on sale. So we went and Mais was wanting to walk everywhere and take every book off the shelf, so we were trying to distract her. My mom found these really cute CTR bears and told Mais she would buy one for her. My mom showed her a yellow one, but she didn't want it and we couldn't figure out why. She started reaching for this red one that was on a different shelf. So my mom gave that one to her and we ended up buying it. In the car she kept giving it kisses and kept loving it and singing songs to it and we weren't even telling her too. She was doing it all on her own. So, we stopped to pick up dinner on the way home and we took her new CTR bear in with us. When we were ordering, she started singing "Melmo, Melmo, Melmo, Melmo" and then it hit me. She wanted the red CTR bear because she thinks it is an Elmo. This girl has a one track mind!



The Moore Family said...

Andalynn went thru a phase of loving Elmo when she was little. We have so many movies she just loved to watch them over and over. It is pretty funny what they start to like and dislike. sounds like how I leave the store with a lot more than I wanted to but it is all good.

DaNae said...

love that she says melmo! And the video of her walking is so cute. It is so exciting when they start to walk. I loved when Ella's pants wouldn't get dirty anymore from crawling everywhere.

Danielle and the Boys said...

how sweet is that?! i love it...such a sweetheart!

Kianna said...

Interesting..! Last week, I too got a nice Halloween costume from Toys R Us for my 10 month sweet daughter.

RM Clyde said...

Hey! I saw your blog off of Janel's. It made me so happy! Sounds like you guys are doing awesome! Maisey is sooooo adorable!!