Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Hustle and Bustle of Seattle!

We had a GREAT weekend in Seattle. We went to The Cheesecake Factory (of course!) on Thursday night. On Friday we headed downtown to meet Shaun for lunch. After lunch we headed toward the Space Needle to go on this AWESOME tour called Ride the Ducks. It's like a bus that drives you around town and points everything out to you and then it drives straight into the water to do a tour on the water. It was so crazy and so fun! So this is the bus floating in the water!
Maisey loved the "Quackers"
She loved kissing with the quackers!
This is for Ryan, even though he won't be able to look at it. That's right... he totally has a popped collar!
Mais took a brief snooze on the tour!
Like I said, BRIEF! She loved being in the water though.
Back on land!
Thanks for coming with us Janel! We had a blast!

After this, we picked Shaun up from work and headed to the Mariner's game. Janel has all of those pics so I will post them later. It was both Maisey and Janel's first game! Maisey was awesome during it. She LOVES to eat pretzels. She didn't fall asleep all game. What a trooper!
On Saturday, we went to the BYU football game. We ended up winning... it was a miracle! Again, Mais was awesome and loved to eat a pretzel!

The BYU Crew!

Mais and Mommy sportin the Cougar Blue!

We had a great time, but Maisey misses her daddy and I miss my husband! I guess we only have 2 more days until this weekend!

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David and Wendy Pendergrass said...

Wow! You are so lucky! I saw those duck tour boats when we were in Seattle on our honeymoon. I wanted to go on a tour sooooo badly! Oh well, guess I have a reason to visit again!

Those quacker pictures are really cute! It is so fun to watch these little girls get more and more involved with the world. I wish I could see her darling little personlity in action!