Thursday, September 25, 2008


So, The Beavers beat USC again! A 2006 repeat, but not as close!!! Only this time USC was ranked #1!!!!!!! Mais was really into watching the game with me. I put her in her Halloween jammies tonight because they are orange and black! Also today, she got her first bloody nose! It was really sad. She has been walking around with her blankie all day. She likes to put it around her waist like a skirt. So she was walking with it and her hands were wrapped up in it and she tripped and fell face first on to her magna doodle! OUCH!
She wouldn't hold still enough for me to hold a kleenex on it so I gave her a wet washcloth to suck on and then every once in a while I took the bottom end (not the end she was sucking on) and wiped her nose.

So, like 2 weekends ago Mais and Shaun were watching football together and I was out running errands. When I got home, Shaun had taught Mais how to lift both of her arms in the air when he would say "Touchdown!" After tonight's game, he probably wished he hadn't of taught her that. (He was going for USC!) Anyway, anytime we even say the word "football" she does that! I have a video of it, but it's having trouble loading in this post, so I will try it again later.


The Leonard Clan said...

Those Halloween jammies are so cute! Where did you find them?

Monica said...

That is so cute, Blake does the touchdown thing too. Us football lovers!

Anonymous said...

Poor Maisey and her nose! my brother-in-law taught Cori how to do touch down when she was little. She would go around to anyone she saw and through her arms in the air saying, "Touchdown!!!" People would just laugh. What fun!