Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sad Sunday

Mais had her first walking accident today. She was playing at my cousin's house with her kids and she thought she could step out the front door but totally took a dive right onto the door mat. YIKES! Jenn called me to tell me what happened and she asked if I was mad. I said, "Of course not. Alex fell out of a shopping cart when I was babysitting him. Accidents happen!" However, when I went to go pick her up, it looked worse than I thought it was. That's what happens when babies are brave. Good thing we don't have any photo shoots planned for the week! :) Serious Road Rash on the forehead and nose!
"Mom, now my nose looks like Elmo's!"
In other sad news. . . Shaun left us tonight for the 13th week in a row. This single mom business is getting pretty tiring! The worst part about all of this is when Washington Mutual went under this week Shaun was at a training in Atlanta, not working in Seattle. So his manager from Seattle called him to tell him that the project was cancelled! For 18 hours, I was so excited, joyful, elated, happy, thrilled, cheerful, glad, and any other word that you can come up with. The next morning, however, he got an email from the head partner over the project saying to show up to Seattle next week because JPMorgan Chase wanted to continue with the project. My hopes of a semi-normal life were demolished. I guess I will have to wait 8 more weeks until this stupid project is OVER! I can't wait. Mostly because I hate on the weekends when Maisey cries every time she goes down for a nap, or Shaun leaves the room, because she is so afraid that if she lets him out of her sight, he won't come back for a long time. This poor little girl doesn't understand all of this business. It's hard on me, it's hard on Shaun, but mostly it is so hard on Maisey!


Monica said...

Not that I really understand, but I understand the feeling. While Justin does come home at night, I do feel pretty much like a single parent, even on Saturdays. I hope it get over quickly for you. Keep it up.

Mich and Nate said...

Poor little thing! All your pics are so cute! That's so fun to have another little boy in your family!