Wednesday, December 10, 2008


WARNING: This is a Frustration post!

I'm pretty much done with my Christmas shopping and have been for nearly a month. So I got all of the gifts out of the corner of my closet yesterday and started wrapping them. (Now that we have a tree to put them under!)

When we were on our trip in Colorado, I bought a few gifts for Shaun. I left them in a shopping bag so he wouldn't see them! When we got home I put them somewhere special so he wouldn't peak.

Now I can't find them ANYWHERE!!!!

I am really frustrated because I have pretty much looked in my whole house and I can't seem to find them!


The Daines said...

Oh man. SO frustrating. This happens to me every year. I buy something and when it comes time to wrap it, I can never find it. Good luck!

Chantel said...

I hate when that happens! Hope you find it soon!!