Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Failed Photo Shoot

Maisey turned 18 months old on Thursday. So I was going to do a Valentine's Day/18 month old photo shoot this weekend. But Maisey had other ideas! She was not very cooperative, but she was still being cute, so instead of getting frustrated, I decided to just try to take pictures of her running around! These are a few of what I got:

The babyless (or should I say childless. . .) photo shoot!

Maisey was more interested in smelling the flowers instead of sitting next to them!

She spent lots of time running away from mommy. . .

. . .Thinking Grammy would save her (which she did!)

She did peek up at me and I snapped this shot. . .

. . . and this one, but that's pretty much it!

***More about Maisey***

*She is very territorial with her house, her toys, her books, and her mom! She isn't thrilled about sharing them with the girls I babysit 3 days a week.
*She seems to want daddy all day while he is at work and then when he gets home, she only wants mommy!
*She lasted about 10 seconds in nursery today! We've been practicing going in and she's been doing great, but she definitely noticed that I left today, and thought she REALLY, REALLY needed me!
*She is a GREAT sleeper, as long as she is in her own bed. She doesn't do very well in the pack n' play. But she will sleep 12 + hours at night at home and take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.
These are some of her favorite things:
*Food - Mac N' Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, Enchiladas, and Pizza
*Snacks - Cookies (she LOVES any kind), marshmallows, gold fish, cheese
*Shows - Elmo, Dora, Wonder Pets, The Wiggles
*Activities - Ring around the Rosie, Coloring, Magna Doodle, Reading Books, Talking on the phone, Patty Cake
*Songs - Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam, I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home, 5 Little Monkeys, ABC's, Elmo's World Theme Song (she actually sings the words to this!)
*Toys - Stacking cups, Baby Abby, farm house, Ikea blocks
*Animals - "Dog Dog" and Kitties
These are some of the funny things she says:
*"I'm turnin' the wheel" as she makes the hand motions (It's off of a Dora movie)
*"Ball Ball" anytime she sees any kind of ball or a basketball, including the basketball hoop in the gym at church. During Sacrament Meeting she yells out "Ball Ball" really loud and points to the hoop.
*"Uv Do" - Love you! It' so cute!
*"Elmo, Cookie, Dora Dora, Boots, Daddy" - Her response to the question, "Who are your friends?"
*"Cheeeeeese" - anytime she sees a camera or hears me take a picture on my phone.
These are some of the funny things she does:
*She will take my socks off and count my toes. She LOVES to count. She can count to 9, but she skips 7, and 8. :)
*She sings songs to herself
*When she is around males or new people, she covers her face with her hands because she thinks people won't be able to see her if she can't see them.
*When we tell her it is time to go nigh-night, she lays down, covers her eyes, and says nigh-night!
*She loves to do family kisses. She puts her arms around both mommy and daddy's necks and pulls our heads together, leans in and we do a family kiss!
*She knocks on the bathroom door anytime there is someone in there.
I can't believe that my baby is 18 months old! She is really growing up into a young girl and sometimes I miss the younger stages, but I really love what she is becoming! Plus, I'll have another chance with all of those younger stages soon enough!
I actually told Shaun the other day that I miss rocking my baby to sleep and sleeping with her in my bed. She doesn't cuddle quiet as much as she used to! But when she does, I take advantage of the opportunities! :)


The Fast Family said...

She is such a doll. Clarke doesn't like nursery either. Right after the closing prayer in scarament meeting today he freaked out cause he knew it was time.

Karl & Leslie said...

She is too cute! She has a fun Personality. You got some cute pictures.

Danielle and the Boys said...

i cannot believe all the stuff she is doing!!! What a smart little girl. And so pretty. For those being 'bad' pictures, you're welcome to come get bad pictures of ethan anytime! haha. He doesn't do the 'pose for a picture' thing either unless he's buckled into his high chair. Otherwise, they're always action shots! Or blurred. Or of his bum. :) Happy 18 months Maisey!

The Moore Family said...

I think the pictures are darling!

DaNae said...

totally not a failed photo shoot. They are adorable and totally catch her personality! I think ella and Mais would be good friends!

Wendle said...

I think these pictures turned out great! Your little girl is a doll and super smiley. Congrats on the upcoming baby too. Tell Shaun I say hello!