Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why we could never live in NY or DC

So lately, Shaun has been working in the actual office in down town Portland, instead of client sites because there aren't really any projects going on right now. Well. . . to park in downtown it is $12/day. Ridiculous!!!! So in an effort to save money Shaun decided he would use public transportation. He has been driving to a park-and-ride and then riding the bus into work. It has worked out really nice and only costs about $4/day. We decided that since he wasn't assigned to any projects in the month of February that we would buy a monthly pass for this month.

Well, he found out last week that there is a project out in Beaverton that he could work on this week so of course he took advantage of the opportunity. But since he already bought the bus pass for February he wanted to get the most out of it (even though parking is free at the client site).

So yesterday was his first day at this particular client and HE WAS LATE!!! He called me at like 9:00 am to tell me that he was so dumb and watched 3 trains go by that would have taken him to where he needed to be. I asked why he just stood there and watched them? He said, "It's so confusing to know which one is which and where they are going!" So between his morning and evening commute he spent like 5 hours using his February train/bus pass! Good thing we are getting our money's worth, because by the time he got home, Maisey was ready for bed! :)

Now, I've never been to D.C. or NY or any big city for that matter, but I am 100% sure that they have way more subways/trains and buses then Portland. So if he thinks this is confusing, he would get eaten alive by the public transportation systems in those bigger cities!!!

P.S. I have to give him credit. . . at least he is saving us money! I would have never attempted public transportation! Thanks honey!

P.S.S. Meghan - Maybe you and Shaun can compare Metro Woes stories! I enjoyed your post as well!


Danielle and the Boys said...

uggh, that is a good guy to ride the bus to save some money! i remember in provo spending an hour and a half riding the bus to work in PROVO. i just had to connect on so many routes to get there that i'd just take my homework to do so i wouldn't waste so much time. even then, i was tempted every time to just skip work just so i didn't have to ride it....

Karl & Leslie said...

D.C. isn't bad it is really efficant:0) That's were the temple is that we have to attend. NY might be crazy. Karl uses public Trans. everyday to school but he stays on the same bus all the way:) I wouldn't try by my self:)
Shaun is a good man

RM Clyde said...

Oh..poor Shawn! Yeah, public transportation is not a favorite of mine.

D.C is pretty nice though. There are colorful maps everywhere telling you where all the stops are and which line to get on, but the crowds and missing trains/buses is not the greatest. I've been to NYC a couple of times and I don't think I could ever figure out its is WAY too big (and dirty and scary)

Good luck next time Shawn :)