Friday, June 12, 2009


I've only usedonce, and I have to fit into
in only 6 more weeks for

Maybe if I had more

Or even better, if I would stop eating
then I wouldn't need

on how to find more

But I can't sacrifice any

Because I'm not getting a ton!

Thanks for your help!


The Moore Family said...

The joys of exercising. It is a love hate relationship for me. Love the weight gone but hate the exercise. Good luck

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

If you are like me, I get so hungry when I nurse. It's the opposite when I'm pregnant. I don't feel like eating much. Anyways, it makes it really hard to lose weight while nursing (I hate those girls that say they can eat anything and not gain a pound!) Good Luck :)

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

I just remembered. Jen and I are going to start walking on Tues. Wed. and Fri. T & F @ 7:30pm and Wed. @ 5pm. Join us if you can! I will probably leave the kids home on T & F and take them on Wed.

Desiree said...

That was cute. I don't know, I'm not good in that area, hence the reason I'm not the skinniest person around. That walking thing sounds like a good idea, maybe I'll have to join you guys!

dana said...

I have the greatest solution. Buy/make a bigger skirt and dont stress yorself out about it. (I am totally doing that for my bro.'s recpetion in 6 weeks and I didn't even JUST have a baby!) Good Luck!

R and M said...

Such a cute post!

I only really find time to work out if I schedule it, literally. I have a calendar that I check off. It makes me more accountable/helps me make time for it since it's scheduled in.

Maybe that would help :) I'm sure I'm not as busy as you since I'm kid-less but my commute/work takes 11 hours out of each day, so it is still hard to find time. Good luck!

Karl & Leslie said...

You are too funny! Good luck! I'm not the best person to ask about losing baby weight:) With karson I lost it after I found out I was preg with dax cause I was really sick. after Dax I got really sick again and lost baby weight. so who knows what I'm going to do this time:)