Friday, June 26, 2009

Awesome Deals has some awesome deals on their summer clothes.

I'm getting some Bermuda shorts for $5!

There are also sweet deals on kids clothes too!

Happy Shopping!


The Moore Family said...

just came from the website and got swimsuits for the girls for next year and shorts for me all for 5.00 each. YIPEE!! Gotta love those deals. DId you mom make it back from UTah?

Tabatha & Michael said...

if you go to their website and sign up for email notification can click around and find a 15% off coupon!!!! We went before fathers day cause the mens stuff were 1/2 off (WOW I KNOW!!) and with the cpn, we saved 82$$$ THATS HUGE!!! and then today i went again...i know bad! but i got their $5 deals! plus i used another cpn...cause i used another their capris are 50% off!!! i saved another 30$$$ PLUS!! since i spend over 50$$, they give u a cpn...$20.00 of your next purchase!!! im not sure if i'll use that one in time cause it is during a certain time frame and i think i just spent all my clothes budget for the summer!! but i had fun!! and saved money...and thats what counts! happy shopping!!!