Thursday, June 4, 2009


So yesterday I had an envelope in my purse that had $50 cash in it. I also had a few bills in my purse to drop off at the post office.
I carelessly grabbed all of the envelopes and dropped them in the big blue mail box outside of the post office.
This morning, I realized what I had done. I went back to the post office and they told me it was LOOOOOOONG gone!
Shaun said that the post office just got a BIG tip!
That was my spending money for the week! :(
I guess my errands tomorrow will be a lot less fun!


Monica McCoy said...

Ohhh, I am sooo sorry to hear that. Nobody can really say anything to make it better I am sure. SORRY!

K8 said...

LAMEO! i've done something like that before. I guess you could be happy that it wasn't more than just your spending money! Even though your spending money is very valuable! I swear my spending money keeps me sane!! hope you're doing well with your two cute kids!