Monday, June 22, 2009

2 months

Gage will be 2 months old tomorrow!
He had his 2 month Check-up today!
*Weight: 13 lbs (80%)
*Length: 22 3/4" (40%)
*Head Circumference: 39.7 cm (35%)
*The doc gave him some medicine for reflux. We'll see if that solves our eating/screaming problems that we've encountered.
*He loves his Moose Friend from Alaska. (Thanks Janel!)
*He has started cooing more.
*He loves his bouncy now and plays with the toys on it.
*He hasn't been sleeping as well as he used to. (Hopefully the medicine helps that too!)
His first time in his crib! It only lasted 2 1/2 hours.
Hangin out in the tub!

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Danielle and the Boys said...

looking at all your pictures gets me excited for my little guy to be here! Gage is so handsome and growing up fast!