Sunday, August 23, 2009

4 Months

I can't believe Gage is 4 months old already! In another 4 months it's going to be Christmas time! YAY!!! I know it is so cliche, but the time goes by SO fast, especially when the days all blur together!

Gage's 4 month photo shoot

What a handsome boy! I am a SUCKER for little baby boys in Polo's and plaid shirts!

At 4 months Gage likes:
* His new vibrating teething toy

* His cowboy jumperoo

* His exersaucer

*Staring intently at his sister (not sure if he is just fascinated by her if he is scared that she will jump, sit, lay, or step on him.)

*Giving big wet slobbery kisses on our cheeks

* To be tickled

*To be outside

Gage's does not like:

*Loud noises, particularly when Maisey screams in his ear

*When you are sitting down and holding him (although, he is starting to tolerate it more and more)

*Maisey dressing him up like a princess

Other things about Gage that I would like to record (but I hope I'm not jinxing us!):

*We changed the sleeping program that we started a little bit to fit Gage and his sleeping patterns. The last 3 nights he has only woken up twice, which is much better that the 5-6 times he has been over the last month. We are hoping to get it down to once by 5 months!

*Also in the last week or so he has become a lot less fussy. We changed the time of day that we give him his medicine, and that seems to have helped a TON! We are really starting to enjoy our baby boy and feel like we can take him places with out it being a complete disaster.
*Gage never pees with out his diaper on! I know this is silly to record, but ever since I found out I was having a boy, people with boys always told me that changing their diapers are so much harder because they always pee! I've even seen pee pee teepees before at specialty boutiques. But since he was like 2 weeks old he has not peed with out his diaper on. He loves to air out so some times I leave his diaper off for like 10 minutes and he still doesn't pee! Hopefully this is a good sign for potty training in the future!
*Gage has really developed this month. He discovered his voice and now screams a lot! At least they are HAPPY screams now! He also has some pretty awesome hand-eye coordination. He can take his paci out of his mouth, and then switch hands with it, then switch back hands, and then attempt to put it back in his mouth. He has actually gotten it in twice in the last 2 days.

Maisey is such a big help! She is holding his new teething toy in this mouth for him!

This dude loves hangin at the park!!!

Indulging his sister in a game of dress-up!


M-O-R-G-A-N-'S said...

Oh nice "blackmail" photo for Gage when he gets older for his girlfriend or wife. LOL He is getting so big too fast. I LOVE his smile. He is too stinking cute.

Desiree said...

These poor baby brothers with big sisters haven't a fighting chance! They seem doomed to be a princess at one time or another, ha ha ha. He's such a cute baby boy.

K8 said...

what a sweet little boy!