Sunday, August 16, 2009


I made these ice cream cone cupcakes for Maisey and her Nursery friends today. They are just as EASY as traditional cupcakes, but they are way more CUTE, and they don't make as much of a mess!
Along the same EASY and CUTE theme, let me share an experience from today!
On the way home from church Shaun wanted to stop by a family's house. This man's records were recently moved into our ward, but no one knew who he was. So we drove over to the address, and the address didn't exist. Shaun knocked on a door that was close to that address (while the kids and I sat in the car) and the person who answered the door said we didn't know the man we were looking for. So Shaun decided to knock on the next door and that was the right house! He went in for a few minutes, and like 3 minutes later he came back out. I have to admit, I was excited to see him be so quick (Shaun likes to talk!) because I really just wanted to get home, put Maisey down for her nap, and take a nap myself! He opened the driver's side door and turned the car off and asked if we could all go in!
So we unpacked both kids from the car and
Maisey asked, "What doing?"
And Shaun said, "We are going to do some church work."
And Maisey said, "YAY church work, I do it!" in the most excited and enthusiastic voice!
It was so CUTE, and if it were only that EASY for adults to get that excited about church/missionary work!
I'm so glad that Maisey is such a good example to me!
To finish the story:
The man and his wife have both been members of the Church at some point in their lives, but neither one are interested now. They both said that they would allow Visiting and Home Teachers to come a visit and they do have an 11 yr. old girl who is friends with one of the member's of our ward. So there is HOPE! And we are EXCITED! They were very nice!

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Jenny said...

Nothing like a little child to put things into perspective. I'm so proud of Maisey, too!

And the cupcakes are darling! How do you make them?