Monday, August 10, 2009

A Birthday Weekend Full of R&R

My birthday was last Thursday, so we decided to take a mini Vacay. . . and it was exactly what I needed! We headed to Sunriver (a resort in Central Oregon) where my aunt has a house, or should I say mansion! The place was huge, and SO SO SO nice! We had so much fun just hanging out and the nice part was there was no where that we HAD to be! It was so nice to leave the busy-ness of our lives here and go somewhere where we could just focus on family! Here is a recap of what we did!
We bought Maisey an all-day pass into this inflatable farm! She LOVED it!

We ate YUMMY homemade ice cream from a little candy shop! (TWICE!)

We Swam. . . even though it was only like 70!
(If you look real close Maisey is raising both of her pointer fingers. Shaun told her to do thumbs up and this is what she did!)

We saw several deer.

Shaun and I played tennis while my mom babysat the kids! Thanks Mom!

We went on bike rides. . .

. . . and played basketball!

And when the kids went to bed... we rocked out on Guitar Hero!

We also picked up a few extra friends on the trip! Maisey already had Dora, but we found her counterparts, Boots & Swiper, and Mommy couldn't resist buying them for her!
Don't worry. . . I went on my own birthday vacation too, even though I am not in the pictures! My family sure did spoil me! My greatest gift--A GC for a massage! Thanks Hun! I totally need one!


The Moore Family said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday. It is always nice to be spoiled everyonce in awhile we moms deserve it.

Desiree said...

What a great time! I want to go now! It is required to get away from the busy life sometimes. It is really refreshing.

The Grimmetts in Real Life said...

looks like you all had a FUN TIME!! I love the photo of thumbs up but really index fingers. You guys have a beautiful family. Did you take Gage because he wasn't in any of the photos either. (Just Kidding on that part)