Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to Reality

I just did my dishes, straightened up my house, took down Maisey's play tent that has been up since Friday, did a load of laundry, put clean sheets on my bed, and cleaned all of the moldy old food out of my fridge.

Why so much in one evening?

Well because since Sunday night, I have been living on my couch, my mom's couch, or in my bed with my FIRST ever migraine! And let me tell you it was so debilitating! 3 days of extreme head pain. I couldn't even take care of my kids! Good thing Grandma lives close and Daddy is so awesome!

-Sunday I tried Tylenol! No help!

-Monday I tried Ibuprofen! Nada!

-Tuesday I tried Excedrin Migraine! Helped for a few hours, then WORSE than ever! (Also... home teacher came over for a blessing.)

-Wednesday I went to the doc, he gave me a nice fatty blue pill, and I'm back to normal! Just so exhausted from not sleeping for 3 nights!

At least now I know what a migraine feels like so when it hits I know what to do... instead of waiting 3 days to get relief!

Another benefit from this experience--I now know that my husband is capable of semi-running the house. My kids got fed, got put to bed, and the house was clean every night! It may not have been the way I do it, but at least it got done. Now I can expect more from him right? :)


Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

I'm so sorry. I can't imagine having a migraine for that long! I guess I'm lucky that I've never had one! Glad you're feeling better! Is Maisey feeling better?

Randena Michelle said...

oh i'm sorry! migraines are the worst!

Anonymous said...

Migraines are no fun. I get one just about every month. It gets to the point that I can't see well and get very nausious. The only thing that works for is taking three Ibuprofen and laying down in a dark room and taking a nap. Good luck!!!

Danielle said...

So this is the neighborhood-

it has a brand new lds stake center about a 2 minute walk from where our house will be. and one of my good friends bought the lot next door to me although she is still staying mum on moving. but always nice to have people you know in your new ward. :)

This is a house in Tigard that is SIMILAR to ours on the main floor (where the kitchen, etc is). It's about 150 sq feet bigger on that level but the layout is almost identical-same boxed ceiling in dining room, owners entry, etc. Our house is 3300 sq ft so we don't have that bottom level and the top floor looks a little bit different. But it's the closest we have to what our floor plan would actually look like since we've never walked through it.