Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gage is 5 Months!

I can't believe another month has gone by! In the big picture it seems like it's going by so fast, but from day to day, sometimes it feels like it is crawling along!!!

We are still seeing some small improvements here and there, but he has regressed quite a bit in the sleeping category, which makes for a tired and grumpy mommy! (Maybe it's teething, Jenny! :))

--- At 5 months, Gage likes ---
- His Bumbo
- His Exersaucer
- His rice cereal (we just started it a few days ago and he LOVES it!)
- Watching the news in the morning (he must be my baby!)
- His fuzzy blanket that gets all over our clothes, but he loves it so we let him have it anyway.
- To watch the BYU Cougars, but only when they win!
- To eat every 2 hours and 55 min. He gets so fussy right before the 3 hour mark.
--- At 5 months, Gage does not like ---
- To sleep! He is king of the 20 minute naps, and is now waking up on average 4 times a night. :(
- To watch the BYU Cougars lose.
- Loud noises or voices
- When he can't see mommy
Here are a few pictures from this last week!
He sure is cute, even if he in a very needy baby!

This is Gage's first time with the rice cereal! Maisey loves to be right up on my lap "helping"!!!


Mich and Nate said...

oh my gosh, he is SO SO cute! I can't believe that he is already 5 months, although I am sure that it hasn't been as fast for you at times :). Thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog. It really helps to know that you are not the only one in that boat! I can't believe how much these two boys have in common already. Kade is hungry every 3 hours on the dot too! When it's time that's he's hungry and I don't instantly feed him, then all heck brecks loose and he get really mad. He knows what he wants and I just try to figure out what that is :). He actually slept without me holding him once today so we are happy about that. I hear stories about babies that will just entertain themselves, and sleep through the night and I always think that I am doing something wrong....but I am starting to realize that every baby is just very different. I can tell you are an awesome mother! Good luck with everything, your family is darling

Jenny said...

It's ALWAYS teething, isn't it? I mean, that must be the reason for Tori's increasing temper tantrums, night wakings, random screaming episodes... yep, it must still be teething!!!

I miss you!

The Moore Family said...

Gage is so cute. Addison has been our most difficult baby and has a personality all her own.