Monday, September 14, 2009

Oregon State Fair

On Labor Day we headed to the Oregon State Fair! I wasn't too sure about going this year with the kids, but my mom really wanted to, and it actually turned out really well! Our kids were AWESOME for the most part!

Maisey had never been to a fair before and so she didn't really know what it was. So I just told her it was like a really big outside party! She was SO excited and kept asking me all morning, "Mommy, when we go party?"
Maisey LOVED the animals! Especially the bunnies, and the cows!

With Grammy's help she was even brave enough to pet the live animals at the petting zoo!

She rode around on the tractor!
By the end the kids were EXHAUSTED! (So was I!)

Gage konked out in the stroller. . .

. . . and Maisey in the front pack!
(Yes, I know she looks huge in there, but Gage was already sleeping in the stroller and she was tired! Who wants to carry a 2 yr. old around?)
Thanks Grammy for a fun day at the fair!

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