Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Trip To Idaho. . . Or Was It Washington?

Maisey was so excited to go on our trip this past weekend. She was telling all of our friends and her nursery leader at church that we were going on a trip to Idaho! The poor girl gets so confused because she does have a great grandma and grandpa in Idaho and her Grandma and Papa Grimmett are moving to Idaho in a few months, and the last trip we went on was a trip to Idaho. By the end of the trip she was convinced that we went to Washington and when her Grammy talked to her on the phone last night and asked her how her trip to Spokane was, she said, "Grammy, we went to WASHINGTON, not Spokane!" The poor girl!

Anyway. . . Reasons for going to Spokane -- 1) Papa Grimmett graduated with his PhD from Gonzaga! 2) Shaun's cousin, Amy, returned from her mission last Wednesday and spoke in church on Sunday. 3) It was Mother's Day, and in the 5 years we've been married we've never spent a Mother's Day with Shaun's Mom. 4) Because it was Mother's Day we got to talk to Uncle Ryan on the phone.

My favorite pic of the whole weekend!

My 2nd favorite pic of the whole weekend.

Other things to note: We enjoyed a nice lunch and delicious dessert at Dockside, The kids got their puppy fix in 'til the summer, Shaun also got his videogame fix in 'til the summer, and I caught up on my magazine reading. Needless to say it was a busy weekend, but thanks to Grandma and Daddy I was able to get in a nice run Friday morning and a LOOOOOONG run Saturday morning which consisted of rain, a creepy bum, and lots of hills!

Looking forward to seeing you all again, this time in Idaho,

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Jenny said...

When will you be in Idaho? And where? Despite what I told you before, we are now planning a trip to Boise for the July 4th weekend.