Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's your playlist?

This past weekend, I ran with music for the first time!

Usually, I enjoy my runs for the hour or more each day that I have peace and quiet.

And I don't like the way head phones fit in my ears. They hurt me!

But, I actually liked running to music!

So, I bought my self some new headphones that I think I will like better.

But I don't own an iPod!

I used Shaun's, therefore I listened to Shaun's music.

I might ask him if I can put my own songs on there.

What should I put on there?

What do you rock out to?

Please share!



Jenny said...

Toddler music...

oh wait, you want a break from that kind of stuff.

Never mind, ask again in 10 years!


Love ya! I'm so proud of you!

janel said...

I bet you can borrow some of Maisey's music - Single Ladies, I've gotta feeling, and Poker Face by Lady Gaga.

But really I like up beat music and Lisa has some of the best running mix's I think!