Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 going on 13

My little Maisey is 3 years old today. Wow, what a fast 3 years it has been! We are so happy to have a self-proclaimed "big girl" in our family now!

On most days, Maisey is very extreme. She is either A)all smiles, totally cute, and crazy, or B)she is miss sass with the attitude of a little teenager. Not very often do we get a mixture of the two, or a "normal" girl. But we sure do love her fierce determination, her individuality, and her spunk!

This morning, I went into Maisey's room to get her up and said to her, "Happy Birthday!" and she said to me in a very grumpy voice, "You can't say that to me!" So I thought we were going to have one of the "B" days mentioned above. Then like 5 seconds later she said to me in like this cute mischievous way, "But you can sing Happy Birthday to me!" So at 7 am, in all my glory, I sang my little 3 three year old "Happy Birthday" and we've had a type "A" day since!

We did a little birthday interview with Maisey today. This is what she said:
Favorite food: Mac N' Cheese
Favorite treat: Chocolate Hearts
Favorite Restaurant: Panda Express
Favorite color: Purple

Favorite show: Max and Ruby and Dora
Favorite thing to play: On my swing set
Favorite place to shop: Target
Favorite clothes to wear: 3 year old birthday shirt!

Favorite Song: I Love To See The Temple, I Hope They Call Me On A Mention, I'm Trying to be Like Jesus, and Gagey Wagey Pudding and Pie
Favorite Book: The Gymnastics Book
Best Friend: Madi and Shayla
Favorite thing about having a birthday: Riding the carousel and eating cake
Maisey had a Pony Party this year and passed out tickets to her party to all of her friends.
This was the party, right in the middle of it all! We had it last weekend and it was so fun that my cousin and all of her family could be there!

Gagey-boy enjoyed shoving his face full of watermelon, hot dogs, and cheezit mix.

After dinner, all the kids got in line to go ride the carousel at Riverfront Park in Salem.

Maisey is right in front of the line and she is SO excited to get on!

She chose a BIG horse that went up and down. Apparently when you turn 3 you get a lot more brave, because she used to opt for the little covered wagon bench. She even told Grammy to let go of her during the middle of the ride.

Look at all of these crazy kids! It sure was fun!

Daddy and brother stayed back from the carousel to watch everyone's stuff! He doesn't look too sad huh? It's 'cause he had free reign on the watermelon, and no mommy to tell him NO MORE!

After the carousel, we headed back to the party spot for cake and gifts. Maisey picked out a chocolate pony cake! That's my girl!

She had lots of helpers blowing out the candles.

There was silence for about 3 minutes while the kids scarfed down their cake, then it was time for major chaos. . .

. . . opening gifts!

Maisey got lots of My Little Pony's and Barbies! This 3-year old's dream!
(Notice how all of the girls were hovering while she opened the barbies. I'm sure all of the boys were long gone to the playground!)

It was a perfect night to have a pony party! She is so lucky to have so many great friends!

Happy Birthday Maisey, Our 3 Year-old!

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Happy Birthday Maisey!!