Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Disappointing news for our anniversary trip

So. . . almost 6 years ago, Shaun and I met at the very first football game of the season. Almost a year later, we were married.

Since this year is our 5 year anniversary we decided to take a trip to Provo to attend the first football game of the season! There are so many restaurants that we are looking forward to eating at and so many stores that I am looking forward to shopping at! And the best part is ALL WITH OUT KIDS!!!!!

We've arranged for my mom to babysit, and we bought our plane tickets.

Here's the disappointing part:

The single game tickets went on sale yesterday. Well, we were at the beach all day yesterday so when we got home last night I went to purchase tickets online and they are all sold out. :( I called this morning and the lady on the phone confirmed that they really are. I almost started crying!

If anyone who reads this is getting an All-Sports Pass or season tickets and isn't going to be attending the game, we would happily purchase these tickets from you.

I know I can always try craigslist as it gets closer, but I don't want to chance it! I really NEED tickets!



Kelsey said...

I'm so sorry! :( I wish I could help!

The Rhodehouse's said...

Like I already said, if all else fails, Blair and I will give you our tickets. Blair already agreed to it too! But we'll keep our eyes peeled for you!

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

That stinks! Hopefully something works out.