Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Festival

Last weekend, we headed to Riverfront Park in Salem for a Family Festival that my cousin was heading up! Fun was had by all!

Maisey was so brave when a MAN was painting her face. She ended up with a beautiful heart (that she smeared all over my shirt and her WHITE dress!)

Gagey-boy would make a great fire fighter!

Maisey was so excited to see what the inside of a bus looks like. She pretened like she was going to school and Gage pretended to drive!

Maisey wasn't too sure about this balloon lady

But she ended up with a purple "Pluto" (poodle)!

The had a Life Flight Helicopter come in and land in the middle of the park!

Then they let people inside. That was pretty neat to see how it all works!

Then we headed to the carousel because the night before Daddy and brother didn't get to ride. Gage SCREAMED when he had to get off!

And this little girl had a great time too!

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