Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Dream Come True

You see those tickets? 
That's what I found in my mailbox when we got home from Sunriver this afternoon! 
I may have SCREAMED 
and almost wet my pants!!! 
Seriously, if I can't be on the show,
this is the next best thing. 
I may have been checking my mail within minutes of the mailman coming each day for the last two weeks.
I just can't believe I actually got some!
I can't believe I get to see the taping of the show. 
I just hope the players are actually good, because I will be frustrated if I get the puzzles before them! Haha!

The Sunriver post is coming sometime this week, but news this BIG couldn't wait!

1 comment:

Dana and ohana said...

Look at you! how exciting! Have lots of fun!