Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Last 2.5 Weeks

These last 2.5 weeks have been crazy around here, like usual! I just keep thinking that if things stay this busy for the next 9 weeks, this baby will be here before I know it! It gets me really excited, anxious, nervous, and happy! Anyway, here is an update on pretty much every aspect of our lives right now.
(FYI - I've been super lazy about taking pictures with my real camera, so over half of these are phone pics which lack quality and clarity.)


I was in charge of New Beginnings, taught the combined YW lesson on Fast Sunday, and got to attend (and not have any responsibilities) the Relief Society birthday dinner. And big news for Maisey -- she gave her first talk in Primary!

 My helpers making cupcakes for NB.

 The theme for our NB this year was "I {heart} Personal Progress". We talked a lot about putting your whole heart into it and we decorated with hearts and ate these delicious heart cupcakes! It turned out really nice, and was super simple and easy.

This past Sunday, I taught the YW lesson. It was on strengthening families. I found an idea online using the game Jenga. I put strips of masking tape on every Jenga piece and the girls had to write on them ways we could strengthen our moms, dads, and siblings. That had to say their way aloud then they built up the Jenga tower. After all the pieces were done, we started talking about things that sometimes the girls do that doesn't strengthen their family. With every way they came up with, they had to take a piece out until the tower (aka, the family) crumbled. The lesson went super well, and as one of the girls was walking out of the room, she goes, "This object lesson was the best!"
 My favorite part about the whole thing was that afternoon, I was removing the tape strips from each piece, and this one caught my eye. Somehow, this one didn't get read aloud during the lesson, but still made it on the tower.

I asked Maisey what she learned in Primary last Sunday, and she said, "I'll show you!"
 Then she started patting her head and rubbing her tummy! :)
Her primary teacher just had a baby so she's had a sub the last few weeks. Her sub came up to me on Sunday and told me how reverent and obedient she is in class. She said all the other kids poke each other and are out of their chairs all the time, but she is really good. That sure makes a mom happy!

Her topic for her talk was "God speaks through living prophets." She gave a great little talk about President Monson and prophets. She said it really loud and clear and wasn't nervous at all. I was so proud of her!

And. . . just to embarrass my friend!!! She totally shook her thing at the Relief Society Dinner. Thanks for the great entertainment Dana! :) Enjoy those fresh eggs!


Maisey colored this super cute picture of her family, including Baby Miley! 

And she went on a field trip to the police station. She got to sit on this police motorcycle which she thought was pretty cool. The other highlight of the trip: seeing handcuffs! Now she says she wants to be a girl police officer and an airplane driver! Dream big girl!


No pictures today! 

Her room is coming along really well. I just need to buy a frame for above her changing table and then I'm done. I'll post pictures of all three rooms in a different post! 

Shaun and I went on the Family Birth Center tour last weekend. I'm delivering at the same hospital that I had Gage at, but I don't remember much from it. I was only there less than 3 hours before he was born. And, it's been three years now. . . which I can barely remember last month, so it was nice to go back and get a refresher. It also made me really excited and nervous! I can't believe how close we're getting.

I had a dr. appointment yesterday. I'm 31 weeks now and everything is looking really good. My favorite part about my appointment yesterday was a comment my doctor made to me. He was talking about my weight (I gained 3 lbs between appointments) and told me that obviously my diet is working out, so keep it up! I almost laughed right then and there. Seriously! My diet has consisted of jelly beans, cadbury eggs, and Taco Bell Nachos. And I will definitely keep it up. Doctor's orders!


These last two weeks have been CRA-ZY getting rooms finished up and the garage reorganized and cleaned again! It started with me changing my mind a million times, then mattress shopping, then a BIG trip to Ikea, followed by hours of putting together several hundred dollars worth of furniture! But I do have to say, I'm SUPER happy with how everything turned out!

 Our carts full of stuff at Ikea. 
We ended up having to fold down both back seats in the van so Shaun rode home on the floor! That thing was packed up to the ceiling, and those boxes were heavy!

 The next day we started on the assembly of all of our furniture. These were the directions we had to go off of! Haha! Ikea furniture actually wasn't as hard to put together as I heard it was. Just time consuming, especially when you have helpers! (the kids, not me!)

 Here is Helper #1, who I'm surprised wasn't holding Dad's drill, or using the hammer on his sister!

 And, here's helper #2, who tuckered out after several hours! 

 Don't worry, she perked right up when Dad gave them the go-ahead to climb on the top bunk for the first time! They both thought it was soooo cool that they could touch the ceiling!

 A little sneak peak of her room with her new bed! 

As I was putting her to bed, she told me "Mom, I'm going to hold on to this bar tonight, just in case!" It was a little change in attitude from earlier in the day when I asked her if she was going to be brave and sleep on the top bunk tonight and she responded, "Yeah mom! What are you worried about?"

And, I guess these fall in the "HOUSE" category. For Christmas, I gave my mom two chargers, a January one (featured here) and a February one, along with a note for a charger a month of the year.  She is always telling me how much she likes my holiday themed mantles each month, so I thought I would get her started on her own. Anyway, last week I made two, one for March and one for April! Cute, simple, and easy! Totally my style!


Well, I'll start with the not so fun! Last Friday afternoon, Gage got sick! :( It was not fun. He ended up throwing up right before Shaun got home from work (I'll spare you the picture I sent Shaun!) He had a cough, plugged ears, and a stuffy nose, which he also passed to Shaun and I. It was not a fun weekend, and luckily, we are all starting to feel some relief!
But. . .  he was super cuddly all weekend! Which was nice. I could tell he was starting to feel better when he started picking on Maisey again!

Now to the fun. . . 
 Gage likes to do everything Maisey does, so naturally, he LOVES Barbies! He took Ken's pants off and said, "Barbie go potty" and put him on the toilet in the Barbie house. We've been talking up the potty a lot lately and he has absolutely NO interest in it, so this was funny for me to see. 

 Miss Rapunzel got to eat her eggs at her art table one morning. She sure felt like a princess!

And Gage found pretty much every train he owns and put them all on his track at the same time! He LOVES to play trains!

Yesterday, we took a trip to Bauman Farms. The kids had fun playing around and seeing the animals!

Like I said, it's been a busy couple of weeks, but it's been nice to get things done and to focus on the kids!


that's what she said...

what a fun couple of weeks! we've been busy too but i just can't get the motivation to sit down and blog. although my goal is by this weekend. all i want to do is sit down in front of the tv and eat. and be lazy. and follow doctor's orders like what your ob gave you! ;)

Dana and ohana said...

What a super awesome pic of me Em! Gosh you're the best to have captured that extra special moment. Just for that I am going to work on an extra special "Welcome to the World" dance for little miss. And then we'll have omelets!