Thursday, March 1, 2012

Look Mom, No Cavities!!!

The kids went to the dentist for the first time this morning! I've been meaning to get them both in FOREVER, and there is absolutely no reason why I waited for so long, but I made it a goal to get it done before the baby came. Let's be honest, who wants to lug three kids to the dentist? Anyway, today was the day and it went pretty well. Shaun left work for a bit to meet us for the appointments, and I'm glad he did.

 Maisey went first and did AWESOME! She chose Barbie A Fairy Secret to watch, and she chose strawberry toothpaste. She was really brave and sat in the chair by herself (well, with blankie!) and even was brave when they did x-rays. She loved the spit sucker and even did a good job when the hygienist  poked around with the sharp tool. The nurse kept telling Maisey she was looking for sugar bugs. When it was Gage's turn and she said that, Maisey whispered to me, "Mommy, what are sugar bugs?" in a really concerned voice. She was worried that she had bugs in her mouth! :) The dentist only had good things to say about her teeth! He was really proud of how well she brushes! She was really thrilled to come home with new flossers, a new tooth brush, and two new toys from the toy area.

 The kids were watching Barbie together while they were waiting for the dentist to come in and look at Maisey's teeth.

 Then it was Gage's turn. . . and he screamed as soon as we tried to put him in the chair. So Daddy got to hold him the whole time (remember when I said I was glad he came?). Once he settled down he did a pretty good job. He chose to watch Cars and he also liked the spit sucker, and the dentist said his teeth look awesome! No x-rays for this little dude. But the hygienist did say he already has his 3 year old molars in so no teething again til he's six! YAY! Gage also got to choose two toys from the toy area, one which was a blue motorcycle which occupied his time for the rest of the day!

 The kids were in the sea room and Maisey was thrilled that there was a big mermaid on the wall. This kid's dentist place was totally awesome! We'll be back in six months!

I decided since we were already in Wilsonville to schedule a hair cut for Gage for right afterward. Might as well get it all done at once. Last month I took him to this hair cutting place for kids because I dread cutting his hair. It didn't go super well, but at least I could distract him while someone else was cutting! But today, he was such a big boy! He chose to watch Thomas and sit in a red race car! He did really well up until the very end when she needed to do around his ear. But we made it through with a few tears, and now he looks so handsome!
 The kids were rewarded with lunch and ice cream at Costco! 

Then we came home for naps, where this little guy was tuckered out!

Whoever came up with these awesome kid-friendly places is a genius!


Desiree said...

I love that dentist, we go to the same place (I could tell from the background)! I even go there too, did you know they do adults too? I watched the last Harry Potter movie while getting my dental work done back in December. It really helped to take my mind of what was being done, I hate going to the dentist. My kids always ask when they get to go back to the dentist.

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

You sound exactly like me in regards to getting my kids to the dentist! I've been meaning to get appts. for YEARS! My goal is to get 'em there THIS month! Did you go to Dentistry for Kids in Wilsonville?

@Desiree- That's cool that they see adults, too! I would have never guessed that!