Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And in Other News

And these are the pictures that didn't make a different post: 
(It sure feels good to clear 454 photos from my phone and 228 from my DSLR)

 Gage and I played trains in the cul-de-sac one day!

 Easiest way to make all three kids happy at once!

 Love my cheesers!

 The kids made a wipe out course in our back yard and put their helmets on to go through it. . . you know, just in case.

 Gage is such a good big brother. When I need to get something done I send the two of them outside and he pumps his little legs as hard as he can to swing both him and her!

 We rode to the park one day with the wagon behind the bike. I'm fine doing it in the neighborhood and stuff, but out on real streets I was pretty hesitant.

 My sweet guy is always picking "flowers" for his mama

 I was watching Jett one day and he got stuck in the hamper -- Babysitter fail!

 Who doesn't want to ride a dino?

 We love EZ Orchards! The kids love the tractor and I love the shortcake!

 Miss Thing earned her high heels and matching headband that have been in my closet for about a month! She was beaming and they have been her shoe of choice since.

Miley, oh Miley! She loves the garbage. The other day I couldn't find her anywhere and I was calling her name and she was silent (which is not normal for her!). I started to panic until I found her by the garbage licking out a yogurt container, YUCK!

This blog is officially caught up!

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