Thursday, April 17, 2014

Conference, Beautiful Weather, and Dressers!!

Last Sunday was General Conference, which means we get to listen to the prophet and apostles of our church give us counsel. What a great way to spend a Sunday!

 Daddy snuggles!
(Yeah. . . This only lasted through the opening song!)

 I decided to skip out on cinnamon rolls this year and attempt crepes again! This time I made the filling different and everyone LOVED them! I'm so glad, now I get to make them more often!

 Watching President Monson speak

 Grammy came up in the afternoon (yes, we are still in jammies in the afternoon) and Gage conned her into a back rub!

 After conference, we decided to head out on a walk to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL day! Miley really wanted to push her tricycle instead of ride on it. But she's not quite tall enough, which makes it for a nice, slooooow walk.

 She spotted a puppy behind a fence and sat there and jabbered away at it!

 Monday morning started out with Shaun finding Gage like this at 6 am. Which means sometime in the night he wandered into the kitchen, found the tablet, watched shows/played games for who knows how long, and then fell back asleep.

 Then when I was getting him dressed I discovered these on the side of his bed, which means he also helped himself to a mid-night snack! Oh, that boy!

 Hallelujah, my baby is finally taking a nap after several failed attempts in the days before.

 We made smoothies for FHE and going against my advice, Gage took his straw out of his cup to try and drink it! He thought his face looked pretty funny like that.

It was supposed to be a lazy, not go anywhere type of day. 

 Gage and I played games together in the morning.

 Then we ended up running over to the mall because the Disney Store got some of the Frozen figurines in stock that Maisey was saving her spring break money for. I'm glad we got there when we did because there were only two left! Man, those things go fast. A trip to the mall isn't complete without pretzels and slushies, right?

 When Maisey got home from school she was soooo excited about her Frozen characters! 

Post-nap selfie -- sometimes that's what we do to waste some time and turn frowns into smiles!

 Miley took out her kitchen sink so she would be at the perfect height to spy on the kitty that was on our back deck.

 Miley keeps telling me she needs to go potty, so we've been sitting on the potty a lot lately. She has never gone, and I swore I wouldn't potty train her until she was 3 and begging me to, but it is a little tempting since she is showing so much interest.

 Showing off her new spring clothes at Gage's school

 I had totally forgotten that I ordered some doughnuts for a fundraiser! Man, they couldn't have come on a more perfect day! I had a lot going on and they were the perfect treat to help me keep going!

 Some ladies at my mom's school asked me to make this cake for their luncheon! It was hard to not sneak a bite, it looked so good!

 We had Gage's Parent/Teacher conference today, and surprisingly, his teachers only had good things to say about him! It was refreshing to hear! They do a kindergarten readiness assessment, which he crushed! His teacher also told us that he married two girls at school the other day. Another girl was "officiating" and said, "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may. . . HUG!" I love this big school boy of mine!

 I had worked on weeding our backyard all morning and had a little bit left that I wanted to finish, so we headed out back after Maisey got home. The kids were being so silly. They would let Miley kick them and would pretend it hurt or would fall to the ground. All three of them had the giggles and it was one of those ah-ha moments for me -- That's what families are all about!

 I was so exhausted by the end of the day that once the kids were in bed I sat myself down with a bowl of the best popcorn in the world and caught up on some shows!


 I lost a diamond from my ring last month, so I had taken it in to get replaced. Today was the day to pick it up! I was happy to have it back!

 Miley had the ultimate, stereotypical meltdown in the mall. Yeah, that was embarrassing.

 We stopped for ice cream on our way home.

 While we were out doing that, Maisey was at a friend's house having dinner and a movie night. This group of girls are pretty neat!

 This kid almost gave us a heart attack this night. I seriously almost called 911. I left to pick Maisey up from her friend's house and Shaun put Gage and Miley to bed. When I got home, Shaun was reading in our room and I got Maisey in bed. Shaun and I were headed to the garage to work on some things and Shaun decided to peek in at Gage to make sure he was asleep. A second later Shaun asked me where Gage was ans I had no clue. We looked under his covers, in his closet, in Miley's room, Maisey's room, the garage. We were screaming his name, begging for him to come out. No response. Maisey was hysterical and I was getting to that point. Shaun looked on Maisey's top bunk for a second time, pulled back his covers and found him peacefully sleeping, completely unaware of the panic he just caused! He was all the way under the covers and up against the bar closest to the wall so he was hard to see. What a little stinker!


 We worked in the backyard all morning and the kids took turns working (aka, picking up pinecones) and playing with Miley. Maisey was so proud of her invention. Miley and her swung together all morning!

 That night, Maisey and I headed to a wedding reception for a boy I used to babysit! It was cute to see him all grown up and ready to start a new life with his bride. And I sure enjoyed my date! Maisey is at such a fun age and I love getting to send one on one time with her!


I worked on these dang things every single day this week, but thought it would be easier to write about all at once. These dressers were purchased in 1980 by my parents! I think all of my sisters have used them at some point in their lives, and they ended up with us! They are old and ugly, but they were made with such great quality. So I got adventurous and decided to refinish them!


 Katelyn and Kelsey were so kind to provide their autographs at some point during these dressers' lives!

 This wood filler stuff was ridiculous and I was getting so frustrated so I took my knife and cut it right down the middle!!!!! Take that!

 Safety First!

 Hardware - Before

I was paining in flip flops and this is what my feet looked like one night!

You will have to wait for the finished product on next week's post because I didn't finish them until Sunday!

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yikes-that's so scary about not being able to find gage!!! glad you guys find him and he was just asleep.