Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Paci, New Toys, Dead People, and Dentist

I have a friend who updates her blog everyday! She seriously amazes me. I keep saying I'm going to try it but I obviously haven't yet! So until I make it happen, I think I am going to stick with weeks at a time!

 Last Week in Review:

Kate, Brock, and Jett spent their last day in Oregon up at our house. 

 Miley got sick of sharing her toys with her cousins, so she took matters into her own hands. Doesn't she look so sweet and innocent?

 We decided after our trip to Sunriver, it would be time to be paci free. Before naptime, I cut the paci apart and then showed Miley that it was broken. She wanted nothing to do with it and kept saying it was yucky.

 So it went in her garbage

 and she had a great nap! 

 Leading the music for FHE!

The no paci at naptime was so great, but that night she cried off and on all night. :( It made for a very tired mama the next day.

 Defeat: when a kid wants a snack soooo bad they will try from any angle to get it out of the two inch gap that the baby proof latch provides. And then they will come crying to mom when it won't come out.

 We went to the store so the kids could spend their money they earned during spring break. Maisey had her heart set on some characters from Frozen, but we didn't find any. She decided to save her money until the Disney store at the mall got them in stock again.  Gage, on the other hand, didn't have any trouble finding things to spend his money on.

 He got some hot wheels racers and a semi truck with a helpcopter! He was pretty proud to pay for those toys all by himself.


 I put our broken treadmill on Craigslist for free! Within an hour we had two people wanting it! I was so happy to get rid of that thing! It hadn't turned on for a year and it was just collecting dust! 

 I went to run errands that night! It's amazing how many stops you can make when you don't have kids to get out of the car at every stop! I got so much done including finding this pair of shoes for Gage. I've been searching for navy blue Nikes for him for over a month. At this point, I didn't even care what  brand they were any more, he just needed new tennis shoes! He was still awake when I got home (no surprise!) so he tried them on and ran around the house testing out their speed!


 The night before when I was running errands Dad built Maisey a fort. After breakfast, I was looking all over for Miley!

 I found this mischievous girl just lounging in her sissy's fort!

 I bought this shirt for Miley while running errands the night before. She is always yelling "Mama, Dada, Mama, Dada!" I thought this fit her perfectly!

 And Gage sporting his new shoes again! Apparently he needed new jeans as well. Ripped knees and high waters are the new thing, didn't you know?

 On our way to run an errand, we stopped at our church building to drop off some food for a luncheon after a funeral. I was talking to my friend in the church kitchen and Gage had wandered off! All of a sudden he came running back in rattling off, "MOM!!!! I saw the dead lady! Why does she look so weird? Will her body ever walk again? How come she died?" We quickly made our way to the car and had a nice discussion about death. That was Gage's first time seeing a dead body!

 Sibling love at the $ store, inside the dirtiest car shopping cart I have ever seen!

 Gage may have taken a 3 hour nap that afternoon, and I may have let him sleep that long so I could work on some stuff!

 And, we paid for that 3 hour nap until 11:00 pm that night. 
So Gage got to join us in our workout! 


 I took Miley shoe shopping with me and she would only try on boots that were five sizes too big and the wrong gender! She screamed anytime I showed her a pair of girls size 6 shoes. :( I just bought her a pair and  I'm hoping they will fit for Easter!

After shoe shopping, we headed to the mall for a bit. I parked the stroller in front of the little TV at Gymboree and was shopping around. I went to check on Miley and saw the paci in her mouth! She found the spare in my purse that was hanging on the stroller. She was so proud of herself for finding it. And that sent all progress made during the week down the drain. :( She never fell asleep during naptime.


 We spent the morning at Gage's school playground clean up. It was rainy and cold, but that didn't stop us! Maisey was an awesome big sister and watched Miley for the first hour for me! 

 Swinging on the big girl swing!

 They were building a dig pit on the playground and needed fill dirt moved over to it. The kids loved filling wheel barrows over and over again!

 We had to leave the playground clean up early so we could make it to the kids' dentist appointments! This girl has the routine down and didn't even need me in the room with her. I poked my head in for a minute to snap this pic and to ask the dentist when he thinks she will loose her first tooth. The poor girl is the only kid in her class who hasn't lost a single tooth. Sadly, he thinks it won't be until at least Christmas time. She was pretty bummed!

 We spent most of our time in the room with Miley. This was her first appointment and she actually did better than I expected! I ended up in the chair with her and she actually let the dentist look at her teeth! She is getting to be such a big girl!

 This dude chilled the whole time and watched Lego Batman! When the dentist came in he just opened his mouth wide and continued on with his show! 

Perfect teeth for all 3 kids! :)

On the way out of the dentist, Shaun realized he didn't have his wallet, and we had promised the kids lunch! We ran home real quick and picked it up and then headed south for some lunch and errands!

 Panera Bread was our lunch stop, surprised?

 I ran into Lowes to get some paint and saw this bench! I was just telling my mom that I wanted a bench for our front porch. This is the bench for me!!! I seriously covet this bench! But buying new tires, new contacts, and other household projects this month, it wasn't in the cards for me that day! Maybe later in the year? 

Shaun went to the Priesthood session of General Conference at the Stake Center so my mom came up to my house to discuss projects with me! I love that my mom is so close so I can bounce ideas off of her! We were still working hard when Shaun got home and we all ended up laying around talking until late in the night! You know, since we didn't have to get up for 8 am church the next day!

Hallelujah conference weekend!


Danielle said...

ha! I think you are amazing at blogging-don't feel bad. some of my friends have tried the daily blogging thing but most settle on the weekly thing because it works for them. I think anything is better than nothing which is what too many of my friends have done with their blogs. Sitting dusty for years on end... :(

Anyway, the picture of Miley sitting on her cousin in the bucket had me laughing out loud! Haha. And bummer about her finding the spare paci. Hudson found our spare about a week after we took his away and he threw a big fit over it.

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