Monday, April 21, 2014

Dressers, Art, Tulips, Ikea


We moved the dressers inside from the garage.

 This was the final result! They definitely aren't perfect, but I would say they are a huge improvement from before!

 Before and After

Sunday evening Shaun's parents came into town so stay for a couple of days. The kids had been counting down the days and were so excited to see them.


I took advantage of Grandma and Grandpa being in town and scheduled an art project with Maisey's class. 

 We made Easter eggs out of strips of construction paper.

 Working hard on her project!

Daddy came home from work early and we headed to the Tulip Festival. It was a beautiful day!

 Miley loved the tractor swing.

 Maisey enjoyed the pipe slide

 And Gage and I spent time racing ducks!

 We let the kids each choose one activity that we had to pay for. The big kids chose this trampoline jumpy thing. They had tons of fun.

 Gage really got the hang of it and was able to get some serious air!

 Miley chose the pony rides, surprised? She was such a big girl on there and didn't need Daddy's help.

 I loved this picture. It's not very often that Miley is doing something and the big kids have to sit out and watch. Usually Miley is the one excluded from activities because of her age/abilities. She enjoyed the attention from her adoring brother and sister.

 The kids hitched rides out to the tulip fields.
(How did I end up with the biggest child?)

 Gage remembered this tractor from last year and was excited to see on it again.

 Maisey was the only one who wanted to cooperate for a picture!

 Photographer: Maisey

 Maisey and Grandma Grimmett

 Family Photo Fail!!!

 Switched locations and we did a little bit better.

 Did I mention it was a beautiful day?

 We opted to ride the tram back. My neck and back thanked me for the decision!

 That night we celebrated Gage's and Grandma's birthdays. 

 Grandma and Papa gave him Star Wars puzzles!

 Miley and Papa became best buddies!


 We played at the park in the morning.

That night, Shaun and I went to dinner and the temple with his parents. 


Grandma and Papa left to go home. The kids were sad. :(

I took my mom up to the airport. She was headed to California to visit some family.

 I stopped at IKEA on my way home from the airport. I had to use the restroom and decided it would be easier to take Miley into the family bathroom with me. Too bad she is tall enough to reach the pull-down handle. And, too bad when you pull the handle down it unlocks the door. And, too bad I was still using the restroom while my toddler was on her way to the escalator!

 This escaping diva didn't get much better. After several fits on the floor because she couldn't pet a service dog, we decided to call the shopping trip quits. I grabbed the two things I originally went in for then we headed home.


I signed up to bring breakfast to the teachers at Maisey's school for parent-teacher conferences. My kids were super excited that they got to benefit from that as well. Homemade cinnamon rolls and yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit and granola! 

We also had Maisey's conference that morning. It was with the new (second) sub who has only been in her class for a few weeks. I wasn't expecting much going into it, but was excited to hear that they are going to be switching desks this week. Maisey's been sitting by the same boy all school year and he has really started getting on her nerves. 

We had friends over to play all morning and then we left for Washington in the afternoon.

I'm going to finish up the week in a special "Washington Trip" post!

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