Monday, April 21, 2014


We got home from our Washington trip very late the night before Easter. Which means when you go to bed super late and have 8 am church there won't be a lot of time for Easter fun!

Maisey's basket

Gage's basket

Miley's basket

The Easter Bunny color coded the egg hunt this year. Miley's were green and hidden pretty easily.

Maisey's were pink

and Gage's were blue. 

Miley was full of loves so I let her have a little candy.

She loved chowing down on Robin Eggs

Until I took them away so she could get ready for church. Then a holy fit ensued!

We made it to church in their new Easter outfits!

Love these three so much!

Shaun spoke in Sacrament and I would love to tell you that he did a great job, but with three kids and one who needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of it, I didn't get to hear it. :(

Post church individual pics:

After church the kids were able to open their eggs. The big kids were so excited to find some money and treats inside!

We all took loooong naps in the afternoon.

Then we headed to the airport to pick Grammy up. The kids loved playing with the pay phones and asked why on earth anybody would pay money to call someone when they could just pull out their own phones to make their call! Ha!

Happy Easter everyone!

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