Sunday, January 18, 2015

Nov. 30-Dec. 6 - Christmas Activities and Swim Night


We brought our tree inside and got out all of the Christmas decorations. The kids were really excited to help, which pretty much means it was pure chaos!

Miley loved the Christmas blankies! We eventually split them up so each kid got to sleep with one for the season!

Embarrassing, non Christmas story! Sunday night was the deadline to sign up for a kids in the kitchen cooking class that Maisey likes to take. I got on a little after 9:00 pm to sign up and it said the registration was closed even though it wasn't supposed to close until midnight. I took a picture and sent it to the city's parks and rec manager and asked if I could still register. She emailed me back the next morning and said she would open the registration back up and let me register and then she would close it back up. So I got on to register, went through the whole process, and then at the end when I pushed register, it said, I'm sorry, you have already registered for this program. You can not register for the same program multiple times! So I had to email the parks and rec manager back and say thanks for opening it up, but apparently I had already registered. I'm so sorry and I'm not usually that dumb! 

I can 't remember anything noteworthy happening that day!

That evening Maisey went to the cooking class that I mentioned above and I went to a 72 hour kit class at church. The 72 hour kit class was very informative and gave me some good ideas to get started!


Our elf, Max, came back a few nights ago! Unfortunately, on his second night he had to go back to Santa and tell him how naughty the kids were being! Max wrote the kids a note to let them know and said he hoped they would change their behavior! It worked for about a day!


Miley has gotten pretty good at throwing these massive tantrums! I told my sister that she has been my hardest two year old and I survived Gage, so that's saying something!!!

Good thing she can also be super dang cute, because it saves her daily! 


Today was an art day! We did poinsettias with paint, sponges, fingers, and brushes! The kids really enjoyed their projects!

We also had the WAAPO sponsored family swim night! 

And then we headed straight to the church for our ward Christmas party! It was a formal party, so the kids got to debut their Christmas clothes! They were adorable!!!

The whole fam in our Christmas clothes!


My mom and I spent the morning running errands. She was a bit offended that the "retro toys" section at Target included all of the toys that she played with as a kid!

That evening, we got the kids dressed up in their Christmas clothes so we could go out and have some family fun!

We went to Red Robin for dinner and Miley hid her face from the waiter to whole time. This stranger anxiety thing is getting sooooo old!

Then we headed to a nativity display

Complete with a live nativity scene. It was neat to see my kids get excited about the real reason we celebrate the season!

Miley has been super scared of our inflatable Santa on our front porch but when we got home that night she wanted to inspect him a bit. She still didn't get close enough to touch him, but this is a big improvement for her!

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