Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dec. 14-20 - Sleepy Girl, Craft Day, and 72 Hour Kits


I spent the day making holiday treats for Shaun to take to work and for us to deliver to friends and neighbors. 

In the evening, Shaun and Maisey went to our Stake Christmas Fireside. Shaun and I switch off years going so one can stay home with the irreverent children and the other can go and enjoy the Christmas spirit! It was his turn. :)

Rocky Road and Eggnog Cookies!!! 
(Funny story about the eggnog cookies: They are from a Betty Crocker pouch. I've been soooo into eggnog this year since I'm not drinking pop. When I tried these eggnog cookies I fell in love with them! Plus, they are super easy to make. So I bought a bunch of BC pouches and made them, along with my homemade rocky road to give to families. Some of Shaun's co-workers and some of our friends asked for the recipe. I was a little embarrassed to say they were from a pouch. :) )

Sometimes Mondays are just hard!!! 
(And every other day if you are 2 and your name is Miley!)

For FHE that night we went caroling with our friends. We delivered treats to some people in our ward. The kids LOVED it!!!


My friend Cher visit teaches a lady in our ward who just had a baby. She offered to watch the lady's older daughter for the morning. After realizing the lady's older daughter wouldn't have anyone to play with or much to do at Cher's house, she offered to watch Miley as well. Miley had so much fun playing dress up and tea party and I got so many errands ran! It made for a nice morning!

Shaun and I got to go to the temple to do sealings. We ate at Chipotle first, which is always delish! Love temple date nights!


Miley and I went visiting teaching and we delivered Miley's old crib to one of the ladies I visit. It was soooo nice to get rid of it, but at the same time, I was a little sad to be getting rid of one of our last baby items!

While I was visiting, Miley covered each of the faces on the back of my Ensign with her Frozen stickers.

Miley LOVES sharing a room with her big sis. Maisey doesn't quite appreciate it as much! Miley is always climbing up on Maisey's dresser and messing with her stuff. Nothing is safe in that room!

But she looks so cute and innocent, right

That afternoon, she played at my neighbor's house so I could be at the school. We had held a butter braid and cookie dough fundraiser and the products were being delivered that day. It was a chaotic afternoon trying to organize all of the flavors of products into bags and boxes for the students but it went really well, better than I expected!

Miley didn't get a nap in since she was at my neighbor's house. After school she totally conked out in the rocking chair.

Then I had to move her to the car to pick Maisey up from music club and she stayed asleep. That never happens, so she must have really needed a nap!! :)


We started the day off at the school. WAAPO hosted a doughnut and BINGO party for all of the kids who sold 5 butter braid or cookie dough products. 

Thanks to our awesome families, both of our kids sold 5 products and got to attend the party. Maisey even won a BINGO!

I rushed home from the party at school because Miley's friend Charlie was coming over to play for the morning. They danced around and sang Frozen in their little 2 year old voices. It was so cute!

Miley passed out again this afternoon. It's rare that she naps two days in a row. Definitely had to document it. 


The last day of school before Winter Break is a 1/2 day. The kids are split into groups and rotate around each of the classrooms doing crafts. I signed up to chaperon Gage's group. Luckily, Maisey's group of 2nd graders was on the same rotation as Gage's group so I got to hang with both of them!

I love helping at their school and getting to see how they interact with others and how well they can behave! :)

We picked Miley up from a friend's house and headed to get lunch! The kids chose Taco Bell to celebrate the first day of Winter Break! Wahoooo! No school for 2 weeks!

Each of the kids rested that afternoon. Miley decided to be super naughty and knock things down in her room. (of course she couldn't fall asleep 3 days in a row!)

While Gage actually did decide to fall asleep!

Shaun and I went to our friends' Ugly Sweater party. Shaun won 2nd place with his hideous glittery poinsettia puffy paint sweat shirt. :)


My mom and I spent the morning running my last minute Christmas errands. It was my last day to do things with out kids but before Christmas.

Of course, we had to stop and get Tacos Carona to fuel ourselves for our errands! YUM!!!

Once I got home, Shaun took off for a bit to grab a few last minute things.

While he was gone I started organizing things for our 72 hour kits. I'd been collecting things over the last 2 months and today was the day to organize it all! 

We now have 5 official 72 hour kits. I didn't want to wrap them and put them under the tree so I made up a little card and put it in a gift box for Shaun and put that under the tree! It feels good to have them done!

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