Sunday, January 18, 2015

Nov. 23-29 - Piano Recital, Big Girl Bed, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Tree


Maisey is all ready for her first piano recital! Miley was feeling the excitement!

Maisey with her teacher, Michelle Swan.

We are so proud of her hard work!

Grammy came to support her as well!

Miley still wasn't feeling well. Her and Grammy conked out while everyone was visiting after the recital.

Her final two songs of the recital!


The kids are out of school all week for conferences and Thanksgiving. 

Maisey has been working on doing her own hair. :) She was so proud of it today and topped it off with three headbands!

We dropped Gage off at a birthday party and headed to the outlet mall to pick up a few things. 

We ran into Santa and my girls had total opposite reactions! Maisey loved it and ran right up to him. Miley freaked and screamed and cried! I guess there won't be a Santa visit for us this year!

I had to take a pic of my girls' outfits. I'm pretty sure they were sporting ten different shades of pink!!


We spent the morning building legos. We built the sleigh from the Lego magazine!

We went to McDonalds for ice cream and to burn off some energy at the play place! 

This was Miley's last night sleeping in her crib!


Miley woke up very happy. Little did she know that her baby world was about to be turned upside down that day!

Shaun came home from work early and I took the kids down to my mom's and brought my brother up to help us with the big room swap!

We took down Miley's crib, moved Gage into Maisey's old room, and both of the girls into Gage's old room. We moved the computer desk and art table into Miley's old room to make an office!  In order to switch rooms around we had to take apart the bunk bed, which proved to be more challenging than I thought it would be. By 7:00 pm we had most of it done!

My mom brought the kids back up and we put them to bed! Miley looks all smiles in the picture but she kept asking for her crib back. I think she was super confused! But she stayed in her bed all night and slept well!


Happy Thanksgiving!! That is my kind of turkey! 

I love Thanksgiving morning. I get to drink hot chocolate, look at ads, make my black Friday plans, and shop some of the early sales online. And this year was even better because I didn't have to make anything. 

The kids all ready for Thanksgiving lunch!

We decided to eat out this year. We went to the McNary Golf Course Restaurant and it did not disappoint (especially since it had prime rib, which I def. prefer!)

Miley is still having serious stranger anxiety! She spent all of lunch sitting on my lap hiding her head in my shoulder or watching my phone under the table cloth of our table! 

My mom and I did some shopping that evening. I was tempted to buy this shirt for Shaun just in case we had to attend an ugly sweater party this year. I ended up not buying it, which I later regretted. But we did have success in all of our other shopping and I was back home by 10:00 pm.


I woke up really early to hit the Fred Meyer black Friday sale that started at 5:00 am. Shaun needed all new socks! I ended up spending $50 on socks for him! Good thing they were half off!

We hit up a few other random stores and then I headed home. I liked doing Black Friday in two shifts this year. I actually felt like I got a full night sleep for the first Black Friday in years!

We tried out a burger joint in a neighboring town. I wasn't super impressed, but Gage was excited to spot a license plate from where Aunt Janel lives.

We said goodbye to Miley's kitchen. She got it for Christmas last year, but the thing hardly got played with and the kids would just dump out all of the food and then walk away. It got to be pretty annoying, so we found a nice new home for it! :)

I got the kids new jammies during my black Friday shopping. I think I picked out the perfect ones for them!

Night 3 on her big girl bed and she has it down like a pro!

He is not loving his new room. He's pretty sad that the girls get to share a room and he has to sleep by himself! I have a feeling in a few years that will change! :)


We went to get our Christmas tree! Miley was very grumpy but the other kids loved it!

2 smiling kids and a grumpy pants!

Miley finally flashed a smile when Maisey showed her the trees with Frozen Decor!

That night we had some friends over to play games and watch the Civil War. We were rooting for the Beavers, even though we were sure they didn't have a chance. We were right!

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Danielle said...

that shirt is amazing!!! And I can't believe she's just moving to a big girl bed. I feel like Hudson has been in his forever-but you're smarter than me. He doesn't go down near as well as he used to.