Sunday, January 18, 2015

Nov. 9-15 - Sickies and Charming Charlie


We had Stake Conference so we were a little out of routine. The kids were really struggling with it and were fighting SO.BAD. After several warnings, I sent them outside until the could get along. I told them that fighting like that inside our house was not acceptable. I think they were slightly traumatized!

I did laundry on Sunday this week instead of Monday because I knew Monday was going to be hectic. I was super annoyed that the first time I ever washed Gage's new fleece pants the string frayed like that. (Now that I am finally blogging about this 2 months later I can report that the other string, as well as the two strings on his blue pair also did the same thing. I was disappointed in Old Navy.)


Today was a no school day and we had Madi and Jack with us all day! We went to Grammy's school for lunch, which is always fun for the kids!

We also had the missionaries over for dinner tonight. I made apple cheddar chicken and it took waaaaaay longer to bake than it should have. So I called Shaun ten minutes before the missionaries were supposed to be there and had him stop to pick up hot n' ready pizza because I didn't have enough time to order some. It took Shaun forever to get home, so the missionaries had to wait outside on our porch bench until he got home. The kids kept opening the front door and telling them jokes. The whole night just didn't go as planned and I was really embarrassed.

But then we had chocolate brownie sundaes and that made everything all better! :)


It was Veteran's Day, which means another no school day! To be honest, I can't remember what we did that day, so probably not much!

We did go to Michael's to get the supplies to make Maisey's piano recital invitations. They turned out pretty cute!


I woke Miley up in the morning to take the kids to school and she pulled the blankie back up to her face and closed her eyes again. I take it she wasn't ready to wake up!

Miley and I went to the store to grab a few things and any time a stranger would walk by she would sulk down in the cart, hoping that they wouldn't see her. She has some serious stranger anxiety going on right now!!!

This made my shopping trip totally worth it!!! (Again, since I am blogging about it 2 months later I can report that I ate at least 5 bags of these suckers during the holidays!)

Look how ripped he is!!! He kind of has an obsession with taking his shirt off right now!

Miley woke up from her nap with a fever. By the end of the day she just wanted to snuggle and watch shows. 


Miley woke up early and snuggled with me in bed while I watched the news. The kids' school had a 2-hour delay, which means kindergarten is cancelled since they only go half day.

The big kids were so excited about it and took a selfie to show it!

I didn't know they sent it to my mom!! :)
Maisey thought she didn't have school either, so she was pretty bummed when she found out that she did. :(

Gage spent the morning playing the kindle while sitting in the fort he built!

That afternoon Gage and I met Dad for an appointment. His car had icicles on it still!

Miley was still not feeling well when we got home, so we snuggled on the couch until Dad got home from work.

Dad took the big kids to see Big Hero 6 so my mom, Miley, and I ran some errands as well. Charming Charlie opened at the Bridgeport Mall and we had been eager to go! This is seriously my favorite store!

Miley thought it was pretty neat also!

I took pictures of a few things to send to Shaun for my Christmas list!

Another gift option!

Her smile is so forced here. She really wasn't feeling well and had a horrible cough. I ended up taking her out to the car while my mom finished her shopping.


Miley still wasn't doing well, so we spent most of the day doing this!

I was supposed to go to my mom's school to do the mosaic turkey art project but I ended up just sending her the stuff to do it because I didn't want to take Miley.


I took the kids to the church for our building cleaning assignment.

When we got home I called our pediatrician and ended up taking Miley to the doctor. She had a double ear infection so I am so glad I ended up taking her in. 

While I was gone, Shaun took the big kids to the primary program practice. I think I got the better end of the deal! :)

That night, Gage woke up a few hours after going to bed screaming of ear pain. :( 
Here we go again!

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