Sunday, January 18, 2015

Nov. 16-22 - Primary Program, Lost Tooth, and More Sickies


Today was the kids' primary program. Shaun stayed home with Miley and I got to sit with our primary class on the stand. Maisey did a fabulous job and was very reverent the whole time, no surprise! Gage said his part perfectly but wasn't so reverent in his seat. He was sitting in the front row, but off to the side and piano was behind his so I couldn't see what he was doing. But my mom was in the congregation and reported that he kept making silly faces and doing inappropriate things with his hands, haha! 

Miley was super sad that she missed out on all of the action!

My sister sent a picture of all of her kids playing nicely together and I sent her this picture back asking if she wanted to trade me for the day! :)

We ended up making it a mandatory nap day for everyone!

Even Daddy fell asleep.

I was using Google photos to select some pics to print for Christmas gifts this year. Apparently Google adds special effects to some of your photos for you. I didn't know the Hoff was at Red Robin with us for Daddy's birthday! :) It totally looked real to me at first until I figured out that Google did that. Haha!

I talked Maisey into letting me pull out her first tooth. It was basically hanging out but she was really scared that it was going to hurt. After, she said it wasn't too bad!

Great Grandma Grimmett made Maisey this tooth pillow when she was Miley's age. Maisey was pretty excited that she finally gets to use it!

She even wrote the tooth fairy a note! The tooth fairy brought her a dollar during the night!


When I picked Gage up from school he was complaining that his ear was hurting again. 
I ended up getting him an appointment but it wasn't until 5:30 that evening. I had a parent meeting at the school that evening so Shaun took him into the doctor. Sure enough, he had an ear infection! 

My veggie platter for the parent meeting! Our meeting went really well and we had a good number of parents there, which was encouraging!


Maisey's teacher sent me this picture during the day! She was the second student in her class to pass  subtraction rocket math (a series of math timed tests). She got to stand on her desk and shout "I passed Rocket Math Subtraction!!" It's expected that students pass subtraction by the end of second grade!! Now she gets to move on to multiplication!

To celebrate the rocket math accomplishment, we made doughnuts! I burned the first batch really bad (that is not a chocolate doughnut!) I made some glazed and some with powdered sugar! They were delicious!


I went visiting teaching and got to choose my favorite message from General Conference to share with the sisters that I visit. This was definitely my favorite talk!

Miley was being a diva baby and threw herself on to the floor of the retirement home that my partner lives in. 


I spent the morning trying to figure out costumes for the kids to wear to school the next day. Maisey thought it was funny to sneak the monkey tail on Shaun's belt loop. Yes, I posted a picture of Shaun's monkey tail! :) 

I ran up to a cupcake shop to get a treat for Gage's teacher's birthday! There are definitely advantages to being my sidekick! 

That evening our WAAPO board had a meeting with the business office manager of all of the Arthur Academies. It was not what I expected at all. It was super unorganized and not helpful or informative. I was kind of surprised by it. But it did make me feel good about what we are doing as a board!


The kids had a D.A.R.E. (drop everything and read) day at school. They got to dress up as their favorite book character.

Maisey dressed up as Fern from Charlotte's Web. She even had her trusty pig, Wilbur, with her! 

Gage dressed up as Curious George, which is such a fitting character for him!

The monkey tail looks more cute on him than on Shaun! :)

When I dropped the kids off at school, I poked my head in the library for a minute and saw all of the laptops that our board bought this year! The technology teacher worked really hard on getting them all set up and the kids got to use them for the first time that day! Such an exciting day!!!

The school secretary called me about an hour into school saying that Maisey was crying because her ears hurt. I ran to the school to pick her up and headed down to the doctor. I was not at all surprised when the doctor said she had a double ear infection. That means between the three kids we have had five infected ears in six days! What a miserable week!

This is what our kitchen looked like! 

By the time Shaun got home I was in desperate need of a break! I headed to Wal-Mart to roam the aisles and came across a Christmas gift that was a super good price and there was only one left. I found a few other things and headed to the front to check out when I realized I left my wallet at home. Shaun couldn't bring it to me because I had the van with the car seat and boosters and I didn't want to leave my basket because I really wanted that gift that I found. My neighbor totally came to my rescue and brought me my wallet, and better yet, she didn't even laugh at me! Now that is a true friend!


We had a pretty lazy morning, but that afternoon Shaun and I went to the temple. Some friends from our ward were being sealed and we were honored to be invited! After the temple we ran some errands.

We stopped at Michael's and I saw this giant gummy bear! I thought it would be funny to get it was a white elephant gift until I saw that it was $30! Who would pay $30 for that? Disgusting!

We ate dinner (and dessert) and The Cheesecake Factory. 

A perfect end to a hard week!

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