Sunday, March 22, 2009

19 months and FINALLY in Nursery! (At least for today)

I started taking Maisey to nursery a few weeks before she turned 18 months to help her get used to it. She loved being in there and loved all of the toys. So I thought the transition would be so easy. Well, the first Sunday that she was 18 months, was also the first Sunday that the male nursery leader was back from being sick (the Nursery leaders are an older couple in our ward, they are VERY nice!) But, Maisey has this big fear of men. Really of most people she doesn't know, but especially men! So nursery lasted about 30 seconds the first Sunday. Since then I have been sitting in the Nursery with her so she can get to know the Nursery Leaders. Well, today I had to teach the Relief Society Lesson and Shaun teaches the Teacher's Quorum, so Mais had no choice but to stay in the Nursery by herself. I stayed in there for a little while at the beginning to help her get used to it, then I tried sneaking out. She caught me. I went back in for a little bit longer and then as I went to leave she totally had a huge meltdown. I told the Nursery Leader to let her cry for a while before she came to get us. (She would bring her to us after like 1 minute) Shaun went to peek through the peep hole between Sunday School and Priesthood, and she was totally asleep on the Nursery Leader's lap. So she stayed in Nursery by herself today, but she slept through most of it. So one small step forward for us today. :) What a big girl!


Shaun set up this new rocking chair last night. We got it a while ago for the baby and it's just been sitting in our garage. This morning, Mais came out of her room, and walked around it several times to "check it out" then gladly claimed the ottoman as her new spot to read books. She has pretty much planted herself there all day.

Mais loves to read her Maisy the Mouse books! She even got daddy to read them to her today! Lucky mommy got a break! (She is so funny when you read them to her because she has all of the words memorized, so if you pause, she will fill in the word for you! I love it!)


The Moore Family said...

She is so cute!! Addison had been going to nursery for about 3 weeks now and we have left her the last 2 and so far so good. Next Sunday is her official day so hopefully it will go well.

DaNae said...

Nursery is the BEST!! She is looking so grown up. I hope things are getting better for you guys. same-o same-o for us.