Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Happy Day Daddy" - Maisey

Yesterday was Shaun's birthday! I got up early with Maisey so he could sleep in. I told Maisey that it was Daddy's birthday and I taught her how to say "Happy Birthday" but it comes out as "Happy Day!" We made him a birthday sign and hung it on the wall. Maisey colored the whole thing by herself! Once he finally woke up, we headed out to run a couple of errands and then he went to my mom's to watch the new James Bond movie with my mom and my brother. Maisey and I stayed home and made Daddy's birthday cake. That night Shaun and I went to the Blazer game. My aunt gave us tickets at Christmas time! They were 7 rows from the floor. We could hear everything the players and the refs were saying! It was so awesome to be that close! My mom baby sat for us and Maisey did great, just like usual!

Getting ready to tip off! The Blazers won 86-66 I think.

Maisey gave Daddy a new game, I gave him a new 8 GB flash drive, and he bought himself that Oregon State Beavers football jersey that he is wearing. He also got some gift cards from my family.

Maisey was SO excited about Daddy's cake. We made it Saturday afternoon but we didn't do cake and presents until today! So for the last day and a half Maisey has been going around saying either "Happy Day" or "Cake?" Maisey was glad to help Shaun blow out the candles if it meant that she got to eat some.

Maisey thinks she is such a big girl and has to eat with a fork. She wouldn't just shovel it in her face like she did 7 months ago at her own birthday party!

She wasn't getting it in her mouth fast enough, so she decided to go with 2 forks!


K8 said...

Happy Birthday Shaun!! We're glad you had such a great day with your family!

The Moore Family said...

So fun! It sounds like Shaun had a great day.