Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I secretly hoped it would be a boy because I really wanted to decorate his room in BYU football stuff. So when I found out it was a boy, I was so excited. We painted the room and started collecting stuff to put in it. I ordered a football wallpaper border on January 5th, and it ended up being on back order and I called on it like every week through last week, and FINALLY I got it in the mail today! 2 1/2 months later!!!

A few weeks ago, Shaun and I put the baby's room together. Everything except for the wallpaper border. So maybe we will work on it this weekend and then I will post pictures! It looks AWESOME so far and will look even better when the wallpaper is up!

Maisey has a hard time going in that room and leaving things alone. She LOVES football or "ball ball" as she calls it, and gets really upset because she can't play with the things in there. She is going to have some serious adjusting to do when this baby comes!


Monica McCoy said...

That is sooo awesome! I cannot wait for the pics.

that's what she said...

This is kind of hilarious chatting this way! But it works! If I figured it right, I'm due April 27th. I have my first ultrasound on September 22nd so I'll know for sure then.