Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Small Reason to Rejoice

WARNING: This is kind of a GROSS post. You know you are a mom when you are proud of your daughter's poop!

There aren't too many happy things going on right now, but I wanted to share one thing we were excited about. Mais has started telling me when she has to go poop. I have sat her on the toilet (She doesn't really like her potty chair) a few times, but she doesn't stay on very long and I don't want to force it so I just take her off and put her diaper back on and then she immediately goes in her diaper.

Well, today, she sat on long enough to let out the smallest little poop out. I was SO excited I kind of, maybe, started to scream a little and I think I scared her, so she was done. Of course, as soon as I put her diaper back on she went more, but I was so excited that she went in the toilet that I made Shaun go get the camera to document the event.

Maisey is so proud of her little poop!

And she got to flush the toilet, just like a big girl!

Mais got her first "potty treat"! That's what she was most excited about! Hopefully there are many more to come!

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