Monday, November 8, 2010

I Can Do Hard Things!

Today was a hard day! Plain and Simple!
I spent 12 hours at the Salem Hospital with my mom. (She had a scheduled surgery)
Although the circumstances were very different, the memories of the night of Dec. 26th couldn't stop flooding my mind.
And it didn't help that a code blue was called over the intercom around 5:00 pm.
Around the same time my dad's was called 2 years and 10 months ago.
I got my mom all situated at her house,
then cried the WHOLE way home.
When I got home I was greeted by my little man.
He looks so much like him.
And his mannerisms. . . they are just like my dad's.
And I cried a little more.
Then I remembered this talk by Sis. Dalton.
I Can Do Hard Things!
In the Strength of the Lord, I Can Do All Things!
Including reaching deep into my soul to find the comfort and peace that I will see him again.
The Joy of the Plan of Salvation.
For that is what I am grateful for tonight!


Monica McCoy said...

Sorry for a hard day. I am glad to know that the gospel helps during these times. Thanks for sharing something so personal like this :)

Jenny said...

I love you. Here's a hug.

Tabatha & Michael Stimpson said...

its a tough thing! to loose a dad or any parent that young in our lives. its a sweet thing to know and to have the POSalvation, its what keeps me even think that i wouldnt see him again, devastates me! but to think i will see him again...means the world to me :) *hugs*

The Benson Family said...

Bless you heart girl!!! It's amazing the things we never know people have experienced! I am sorry about the hard day. There is a couple in Rexburg, Idaho named the Sullengers who recently lost their little girl after she drowned in a canal and the saying "I can do hard things" is something she has up in her home to look at every day! I follow her blog because I love hearing about her story. I can't imagine the hurt caused by losing a parent of child!

R and M said...

Sorry about your day guys are all very strong!

Mason & Laura said...

Oh Emily, this post made me cry. I'm so sorry. I hope your mom is recovering well, and thank you for your uplifting perspective :)