Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Library Drama

My kids slept in this morning til 8:15, and this was the first day in 16 days that I haven't had ANY extra kids at my house! It was going to be a GREAT day! That is. . . until we went to the library!

First of all, we showed up late! I know I've expressed this before, but I hate being late. I had to run up to Portland to a book store in the morning!

Second, in the last 2 minutes of story time I realized Gage had a poopy diaper. I didn't have any extras with me, so I figured we'd be real quick checking out books after story time and then I'd just take him home and change him. We were downstairs and Gage was playing with the toys in the children's section while I was helping Maisey quickly pick out books. This boy was playing at the lego table by Gage and started yelling, "Oh man! This boy smells! That's disgusting! Ohhhh, get out of here! That is gross! He is stinky!" It was a little embarrassing! I've got a smelly kid!

Third, We were at the checkout desk and Gage was pushing the handicap accessible door button over and over again to open the door to the library. I figured I'd let him do it because it was keeping him busy while the lady scanned our books. I sent Maisey over to check on him and she came back to tell me he wasn't there. My heart sank. He could have been out in the street, pulling books off the shelf --that's what he's famous for at the library--, in the bathroom playing in the toilets, riding the elevator, who knows! I frantically looked all over for what seemed 10 minutes when really it was like 30 seconds and found him half way up the stairs! I scooped him up and ran back to the check out desk where Maisey was waiting for me.

Fourth, the line to check out books was growing longer and longer because it was taking us forever! I was trying to hurry and put all of our books in our library bag when I smacked Maisey right in the mouth with one. She started screaming and crying, Gage was trying to wiggle out of my arms so he was screaming! I just looked at the lady and said, "It's days like today where I wonder 'Why did I even leave my house?'" Then walked out with a bag full of books, a screaming girl, and a screaming and SMELLY boy!

Oh, and to top it all off. . . we had a late fee! $2! And that's two times in a row. You'd think after going to the library for 2 years, we'd have it down. These are the only 2 late fees we've ever had there. I don't know what's going on with me!


The Benson Family said...

Nothing is going on with you! You are normal and it's nice to know! Unfortunately, we all live in reality and at least you are honest about it! ;-) Hope things turn up for you!

that's what she said...

oh man, those days are the WORST!!! I'm glad you survived it, even if barely. Tell them to treat you nice or you'll eat all their halloween candy. unless you already have from the stress of the day. ;)

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Oh no! If I would have known, I had an extra diaper & wipes in my purse!