Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Weekend!!!

*Maisey didn't have preschool last week, so we took advantage of the extra time and headed to the Gilbert House with some friends! The kids had a lot of fun playing store, bubbles, and trains.

*Shaun only had to work until 1, so we just had a fun, relaxing afternoon. . . until Shaun's phone broke. So after dinner, we headed down to the Verizon store (the same one I vowed I'd never step foot in again -- and some of the same people were there!) We each got new phones! Here's my beauty. . .

* Shaun played football early on Thanksgiving. I was going to take the kids down to my mom's and had them both in the car until I realized I left my keys at my mom's the night before, and Shaun had his with him. So we got out and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade at home until daddy got back.
* I took pictures of my kids, even though the little man didn't want to.
*We went out to eat again this year! It was so nice to not have to cook, or CLEAN!!! Except for my little man pretty much cried the whole time! It was a little embarrassing because we were at a pretty nice restaurant and there was a couple sitting at the table right next to us. Oh well!
Madi and Maisey enjoying their pie!

Gagey sucked Grammy into holding him almost the whole time!
* After lunch, Shaun and Scott headed to a movie and my mom and the kids and I headed home. My mom and I made our Black Friday lists.
* The kids skipped naps. . . that was BAD NEWS!
He fell asleep eating dinner.
(yes, that is 1/2 chewed chicken nuggets that fell out of his mouth when he was asleep)
* After the kids were in bed we played some games, then my mom and I headed out to the Black Friday madness!
* We hit up wal-mart, kohl's, fred meyer, target, and lowes. We both got lots of great deals, and I'm pretty sure Santa and the Easter Bunny are done shopping, as well as mom and dad for birthday's for the year!
* I came home and SLEPT for a few hours! Then we went back out shopping! Costco, Dick's, and Bath and Body Works!
* I came home again, and SLEPT for an hour, then got ready for my date night!

* Shaun and I went to Red Robin and the Blazer game! The Blazers got womped! They lost by 19. But sitting 5 rows from the court is always fun, even if we lose!
* Maisey had gymnastics, Shaun had some church stuff!
* Then we headed to Palmer's Tree Farm to pick out our Christmas tree. My family was so grumpy! Maisey was whining the whole time, I lost track of how many times Gage fell in the mud, and Shaun was frustrated/annoyed that it was taking me to long to find "the tree". I had fun though! And I finally found one!
We found a way to keep him out of the mud!

Sis wanted to join in!

Don't let that smile fool you! It was bribed with hot chocolate!

He loved to just run free, which resulted in a face full of mud several times!

Oh yeah, and Grammy came too! But she wasn't grouchy!

Maisey kept saying that she wanted the tallest tree she could find. We had to settle by taking a picture in front of the tallest tree we could find!

The kids wanted to "help" daddy cut ours down!
* To add to the grouchiness of the day, Shaun pulled the van in to the garage WITH THE TREE ON TOP!!!!! It did some damage to the van, to the house, and to the garage! He was not happy! And at this point I got a little grouchy too!
* AND if it already wasn't bad enough. . . we had some friends (who are Utes fans) over to watch the BYU vs. Utah game! And BYU lost in the last seconds of the game by 1 point! :(
So long story short, our weekend had it's ups and downs, but we sure do have a lot to be thankful for. . . and 2 of them are napping right now! :)


Desiree said...

I love the picture of the 2 kids with Grammy in the trees, so cute! Funny thing is we had some pretty grouchy moments too over the weekend, and I realized after it was over that I was more grumpy the whole weekend than I would have liked to be. I'll be glad when these pregnancy hormones are gone :-) At least I have an excuse. Glad you had a fun weekend over all. Awesome date night!

Monica McCoy said...

Such cute pictures by the trees!