Friday, November 19, 2010


Called c.s. this morning. Still not working. The specialized tech won't be in until Monday. :( So that's another 3 days of not being able to work on my project! How frustrating! But it gives me time to work on this. . .

Not the Cleaveland's Christmas card, but OURS!
I just got a shutterfly catalog in the mail and fell in love with several of their products, including their cards, calendars, and canvases.
Oh, and I Love Love Love Love Love the Story Cards from Shutterfly. It's totally perfect! A letter and a card all in one! That is going to save me so much time! And, if you want, Shutterfly will address, stamp, and mail them for you!
Christmas card - check
Christmas letter - check
Stamps - check
Post office - check
(And no hunting for the perfect paper for your letter to match your card!)
(ok, maybe I'm one of the few that is that anal!)

Here's another cute one! They have lots to choose from! Maybe I'll post my finished project! :)

I'm totally loving Shutterfly! I've ordered products from them before and they are great quality!

To get a great deal on Shutterfly cards, click here.

Happy Christmas Carding!!!!!

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that's what she said...

Thanks for the heads-up! I'm totally doing it too!