Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gage is 2! (almost)

We celebrated Gage's 2nd birthday on Saturday! His birthday is the day before Easter and I will be gone for most of it so we decided to celebrate a weekend early. Grandma and Papa Grimmett and GG and GG Papa (Shaun's grandparents) were able to come and celebrate with us!

It started Saturday morning with Gage's birthday party! We did an Easter theme this year since his birthday is so close to it.

 I took this pick to put on his invitations and they said, "Hop on over to Gage's birthday party"
 We had peep cupcakes with fruit and juice boxes.
 We had an Easter egg hunt at the park. It didn't rain that morning but it had been all week so the grass was really muddy, but all the kids had fun. We spread packs of fruit snacks, pencils, and toys in the grass with the eggs too.
The birthday boy enjoyed the egg hunt!
 He also enjoyed being sung to. Him and Maisey play birthday all the time at home so he was a pro when it came to blowing out the candles. It was cute!
 Maisey and Madi enjoying their treats.

After the treats, Gage got to had to open his presents from his friends. He opened the very first thing (cars) and just wanted to play with those and so then he didn't want to open anything else. He screamed and cried when we took his stuff away from him to open the next gift. It was kind of sad, but oh well! Now that we are home and all of the toys are open he LOVES them all! 

 That night we went to Red Robin for our traditional birthday dinner. He enjoyed being sung to again!
 And he also enjoyed his ice cream! YUM!

 When we got home from dinner, Gage got to open family gifts! The highlights of the night were:

His BBQ from Grandma and Papa Grimmett
 His huge fire truck from Grammy
And his train table from Mom and Dad!

He got tons of train stuff including puzzles, clothes, and toys. This little guy was sure spoiled this year!


Desiree said...

What a fun day he had. We like Red Robin for birthday celebrations too. His party was so fun even though it was a little cold. I think the kids had a great time. I'm looking forward to the kids' birthday's this year, I think I'll actually have the energy to do real parties.

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Porter & Hudson had a blast at his party!