Thursday, April 7, 2011

Long week!

Does anyone else feel like this week is dragging on? It's only Thursday morning!!! I feel like it should be next week already! This is the only week we don't have anything BIG going on this month, and maybe it is just the anticipation of all of the other fun things that we have going on that is making this week crawl by!

And while I'm complaining, can I put in a little bit about the weather? Seriously, it is April!!!!!! Check out this link for some crazy weather we had yesterday, not to mention the last 34 of 38 days have been rainy! Blah!!! Doesn't Mother Nature know my kids need to play outside and my husband needs to finish pressure washing my house?

Oh, and we started a new set of workouts in my group power class on Tuesday! I'm pretty sure my calves are going to rip off the bones, they hurt so bad!

I'm just ready for this week to be over, That's all!


Kira said...

Thanks for the tip! It totally worked!

Desiree said...

I totally felt this way about March, it just seemed to drag on and on. Now that it's April and things have picked up for us, I don't feel that way so much anymore. But, ever since Tuesday I keep thinking it's Friday the next day. Guess, it really is a long week!